My Understanding Of Relaxed, Slow And Round Movements

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | May 25, 2008

[] Before. when
I did the exercises my mind often wondered away and I did not follow
Master's commanding words. What I did was to rush through the movements
by myself, feeling that Master's words are too slow. So I often
finished one session and waited for Master's words to start the next
one. Later on, I realized that I was wrong to do the exercises this
way. I started to calm my mind down and try my best to get rid of the
other thoughts and follow the speed of Master's words for the exercise

It is quite weird, even though in the exercise music Master often says
relaxed, slow and circular, I have to completely follow Master's words
while doing the exercise so that my movements will meet the
requirement. In addition, I must concentrate 100 percent to be able to
follow Master's words. Otherwise, I can't keep up with the speed of
Master's commands.

Later on, I realized that when I am in a rush to do something or my
heart is beating very fast, those moments are ones when I am very
attached to myself. For example, when we had meetings at my company, I
sometimes found myself in a hurry to express my own opinion and was
afraid that others would interrupt or reject my ideas. Sometimes, I was
jealous of other's good suggestions or stubborn about the details of
some small issues. Later, when I thought of Master's words, "relaxed,
slow and circular," I would write down these three words in my notebook
to remind myself. Whenever I saw these three words, my heart will calm
down. When the showing off, gladness and jealousy attachments show up,
I can quickly notice them and eliminate them.  

At that moment, I only think of how to do this thing in my mind well.
It is also easier for me to see the roots of the issue. It is truly
great not to have any attachments.

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