A Little Disciple's Short Story

Zhen Xin

PureInsight | May 18, 2008


The name of this story is: "The Man Who Loved Apples."

Long ago, there was a man who really loved to eat apples.

One early morning, the man went to his back yard for a walk and was
leisurely enjoying the cool breeze. Crash-bang! He suddenly fell into a
hole. Before realizing what had happened, he felt his whole body being
strongly shaken and fainted.

When he woke up, he smelled a sweet flavor he was very familiar with –
the apple flavor. He opened his eyes. There were all kinds of apple
trees around him. There were fresh red apples and also big purple
apples which people rarely saw then. There were the apples he loved the
most – light green and bright green apples. When he saw these apples,
he asked himself. "Can I eat them? They are not mine." He decided not
to eat them. He stayed hungry for several days.

He thought: "There is no way to get home. I will die anyway. Why don't
I just eat one." He stretched out his hand and then brought it back. He
frowned: "I can not eat them. They are not mine." He stayed hungry for
another several days.

Even though he was very hungry, but he did not touch apple trees. Finally he died.

His soul arrived in heaven. One goddess wore a long white silk skirt,
covered with light gauze and had a straw wreath on her head. She looked
at him with a soft, kind, pure and beautiful smile. She carried a
basket of fresh, delicious red apples, big purple apples, light green
and bright green apples.

This story was written by an eight year-old Dafa disciple. After she
was born, the evil party imprisoned her mom illegally for more than
three years. She could not go to a real school. Her father taught her
at home. Later on, her Mom was put into a brainwashing center for
almost a year. Soon after her mom returned home, her dad came to the
USA by himself. The young disciple, Hui Hui, was separated from her Dad
again. She stayed with her Mom who had just come out of jail and had an
unstable life. There is no way for her to go to school. Finally, with
the support and help from many people, Hui Hui and her Mom left China
safely and became refugees. She still could not go to school. They were
told that this was the rule in Malaysia. Therefore, she learned things
with the help of her Mom and joined some classes. Gradually she became
a little writer. She had a big dream: she wanted to become a writer of
novels. She said that she also loved signing. Anyway, she has many
dreams. Of cause, she wants to reunite with her Dad. She hopes that,
one day, she will be able to carry a school bag and go to school
happily like other kids do. She hopes that her Mom and Dad will be able
to meet her at school and they can all go home together.


Aunts and uncles, do you know how many such kids have lost their happy
families, become homeless, and even lost their lives just because their
parents or other family members practice Falun Gong?

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