My Enlightenment After Attending the 2008 New York Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in North America

PureInsight | June 2, 2008

[] I attended
the 2008 New York Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference. Our great
and compassionate Master came to the conference and taught the Fa to
us. While listening to Master, I no longer had the question that I had
prepared to ask Master at the conference because my heart was elevated.
However, I felt like a child who wished Master could talk more so that
we could stay with Master longer.

Now is the final moment of Fa rectification. I enlightened to two points from Master's Fa teaching at the conference.

First, this final moment is also the final moment for us Dafa
practitioners. Since we are cultivating, we need to get rid of all
kinds of attachments. Due to the human thoughts that we had developed
over the years, very often we didn't realize that something is an
attachment. Of course, Master sees everything clearly and Master will
reveal our attachments via different means, among which conflicts are
used very often. Therefore, Master emphasizes a lot that when we have
conflicts, we must look inside to dig out our attachment and get rid of
it. Otherwise, the test or the conflict doesn't serve the purpose which
Master plans for it.

Recently after the Divine Performing Arts show was over in our city, I
thought I could devote myself to the next Dafa project. However,
several conflicts happened to me simultaneously, among them there were
conflicts with other practitioners and conflicts with family members. I
looked inside, but the conflicts repeated after I thought they were
gone. My Xinxing (mind
nature) began to rise and fall. Then I realized that I didn't look
inside deeply enough, nor did I let go of my human attachment

We are Master's disciples. Would Master like to see us consummate or
would Master like to see us live amiably in this human world? "Able to
endure suffering in the world, Transcending the world, is a Buddha"
("Tempering One's Heart and Will," Hong Yin,
English Translation Version B). This suffering, on one hand, is so that
we may pay back the debts we owe from before. In fact, we only pay back
a tiny portion of the debt while Master pays back most of the debt for
us. On the other hand, only by going through the suffering can we
improve our Xinxing and get rid of attachments. This is the more significant aspect of suffering.

An ordinary person's life has "birth, aging, illness, and death." A
cultivator has conflicts and tribulations. Those are inevitable. Since
it is now the final moment of Fa rectification, the time for us to
cultivate is very limited. If we haven't cultivated diligently before
and we still have so many attachments, wouldn't Master want to reveal
our attachments as clearly as possible and as soon as possible? Thus,
on the surface, it appears many conflicts happen together. But behind
the surface, does anyone know how much consideration and thought Master
has put into this?

Master washes us clean and brings us back to our sacred home. If we say, "Don't wash me! It hurts," how can we go back home?

My second enlightenment is that the final moment of Fa rectification is
also the final moment for everyday people. After the earthquake
happened in Sichuan, many Dafa practitioners enlightened that it is
very urgent to save people. When an earthquake happens, so many people
lose their lives in the twinkling of an eye. For those who haven't
heard of the truth about Dafa, how sad it would be!

Recently, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) started a rumor that Falun
Gong practitioners obstructed donations for the Sichuan earthquake in
Flushing, New York City. This rumor will drag more everyday people into
a bottomless chasm. And the number of people who are dragged down could
be much greater than the death toll from this earthquake. The evil CCP
fabricated the Tiananmen Square self-immolation hoax several years ago,
which cheated many ordinary people into hating Falun Dafa. Over the
years, Dafa practitioners have made unremitting efforts to clarify the
facts, which indeed has saved a lot of people. Now the false rumor
about Falun Gong practitioners obstructing donations was created
because the CCP wants to divert Chinese people's grief into hatred
against Falun Gong. The result is the same as the Tiananmen Square
self-immolation hoax, namely, the CCP wants to drag more people down
with it when it dies.

Now the situation is pressing. The day after the conference when I
attended the grand Falun Gong parade in Chinatown, I saw some Chinese
who ignored the facts and truth yelling at us, and I felt sad for them.
Nevertheless, on the same street, I saw some other Chinese applauding
and waving to us!

Due to the media censorship in China, it is very hard for Chinese there
to know the truth. This requires Dafa practitioners in China and
overseas to clarify the truth to them via all kinds of means, to rescue
people from the hands of the old forces (degenerate beings in the
universe). Time is running out. However, we mustn't go to extremes,
which could be grabbed at by the old forces as an excuse to cause more
interference. Like Master said before, clarify the truth with wisdom,
and save sentient beings with compassion. In order to achieve this, we
need to study Fa well every day.

Please kindly point out anything I have shared that is not in line with Fa.

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