By Dafa Practitioner Outside of China

PureInsight | June 2, 2008

[] Another day
passed and nothing unusual happened. On my way driving home, there was
a lot of traffic. Subconsciously, I turned on the CD player. The music
of "Pudu" went through my ears and reached my heart. I immediately felt
deeply touched and tears almost came out.

After arriving at the apartment complex where I live, I parked my car
and found my wife was also arriving back from work at the same moment.
That's when I realized that someone else's car was already parked in
her spot. I was very upset and thought, "Who would be so rude as to
occupy another person's parking space? Don't they know that doing so
will cause inconvenience to other people and even get them a parking
ticket?" Coincidentally, the apartment complex superintendent was
nearby. My wife thus went to him and asked him about it. Upon
returning, she said the superintendent told her to temporarily park in
another parking spot without giving her an explanation. I was even
angrier, "How can things be done in this way? If people can park
wherever they want, why assign parking spaces in the first place?" I
was so upset that when speaking to my wife while parking her car, my
voice was full of anger.

Suddenly, I realized something went wrong. Why had I become so angry in
no time? It was like someone different from myself had taken over, and
the peaceful mind from a few minutes ago when listening to "Pudu" was
now gone.

At that moment, I came to understand that when a practitioner is unable
to discipline himself but instead lets his human notions control him,
his behavior is just like that of an everyday person or even worse than
an everyday person. I also came to understand that sometimes I felt my
cultivation was all right, but actually I did very poorly. Take
compassion as one example. Compassion is not our attitude when things
go well, or doing something to show off to other people, or being
considerate for your own people, let alone daring not to complain
because of concerns over personal interest. Compassion is a state that
deep from the heart one can understand others with benevolence and
treat others with kindness. Of course, those beings who damage the Fa
(Law and Principles) are not included here.

Later, I learned that because a big truck needed to be here for some
maintenance work, the parking spaces had to be adjusted on that day in
order for the truck to park.

From this episode, I realized that
"Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" has a very deep meaning, not just
what I have understood, let alone what I have achieved. When doing
poorly, beings around us will see that - how can we validate the Fa and
save sentient beings in this way? In addition, the negative thoughts
from us will also have bad consequences in the environment around us.
So we really have to do well.

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