Cultivation Diary: A Usual Day

By Jingang Xiao

PureInsight | June 10, 2008

[] It was Sunday
morning and the subway was not very crowded. When the train was close
to my destination, an elderly lady came in and sat in the empty seat
next to me. She had gray hair and was carrying a basket full of
groceries, looking very happy.

I greeted the elderly lady, "Good morning! Did you have a good time
shopping?" She smiled, "Yes, I went to several stores and the prices
were very good. I bought these things for my grandsons, as they do not
need to go to school today." I wanted to talk with the elderly lady
more but I had to get off soon.

I reached into my bag and took out an envelope containing a DVD of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.
I smiled to the lady and said, "You must care a lot about your
grandsons. They are so lucky! I have a movie here and you can watch it
together with them. It is a very good one."

I handed the envelope to the lady with both hands. The lady was even
happier and said, "I really enjoy talking with you. How old are you?
Which college are you in now? You are so considerate, and thank you!
What movie is this?" I did not have time to tell the lady that I had
graduated from college many years earlier and that practicing Falun
Gong made me look younger. By then, there were already many people in
the car, and it was not easy to directly tell her that the DVD
contained truth that could save her life. As we spoke, the subway
arrived at my destination, so I waved to the lady as I walked out of
the subway car, "It is educational material for life and family and
will truly benefit your grandsons in the future. You will know when
watching it. When looking back into the car, the lady was holding the
envelope and waving at me. The subway train started to depart and I saw
her put the envelope in her bag. I was very touched.

I was still thinking about this when I continued walking, "Sometimes
there are only three to five minutes to be with someone. If you do not
grasp the opportunity, it is gone and you can no longer save the
person. Thank you Teacher for always bringing opportunities to me."

At noon, I had lunch together with two friends that I had not seen for
a long time. I had clarified the truth to them in the past. After
talking about each other's recent experiences, I said to them, "Do you
remember that I have told you in the past that Heaven will punish the
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for its bad deeds? We have heard many
prophecies, and we already know that the CCP has been constantly
killing people: from the Cultural Revolution, to the 1989 Tiananmen
Square Massacre, to harvesting organs from living Falun Gong
practitioners, to the recent earthquake calamity in Sichuan province.
The CCP covered up the forecast of the earthquake, together with the
poor construction quality of the schools, which resulted in the death
of so many children. The CCP does not value people's lives. Heaven will
punish the CCP pretty soon for its wicked deeds. Quitting the CCP,
regardless of if one uses a real or pseudo name, is the only way to
avoid being eliminated along with it. Trust me."

My friends listened to me quietly, and neither of them disagreed with
what I said. They raised their glasses and said, "Yes, we will quit.
Cheers! Thank you!" Upon hearing this, I was very moved, and in my
heart thanked Teacher again for helping me. It was not me who was
saving them. It was Teacher who saved them!

In the afternoon, I joined a reading session. Everyone there had heard about the Nine Commentaries.
Because of the influence of Party culture, people felt it was
inappropriate to talk about ideology after the disastrous earthquake.

Right then, it occurred to me that we should not be stuck in the issue
of who was right and who was wrong. I decided to talk about my
understanding of life. I would explain that the CCP had, through the
education system, been looking down upon people's lives, and this was
the fundamental reason for the moral degeneration in China. Through
this, the Party culture's influence upon them would be eliminated.

Soon, it was my turn to speak. I first mentioned an article by Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. that I read several days earlier. I used one
paragraph from that article to start my talk. Then, I said that our
nation was facing the crisis of no belief, and this made people look
down upon lives. Not until this calamity struck in Sichuan province,
did we start to seriously think about education, culture, the
environment, and moral issues. Finally, we could demand answers from
the dictatorial regime of the CCP.

I found Dafa gave me lots of wisdom. My thoughts became more organized
and I was clear-headed. I said that I did not want to talk about things
from a political point of view, but from a cultural and moral
perspective instead. Everyone was thinking, and some people started to
encourage me. Some said they agreed with me and some said they would
read the Nine Commentaries. I did not want to force my opinions on them, but let them think for themselves.

After the reading session, it was already early evening. I hurried to
meet a girl that I had not seen for a long time in order to clarify the

At 11 pm I arrived at home, another usual day had passed. I did some
household chores and sat in front of my desk to begin to study the Fa.
In my heart, I was deeply thankful to Teacher again for his
compassionate salvation of sentient beings...

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