Nine Great Compassionate Ways to Save People

By Yi Wang

PureInsight | June 10, 2008

[] While seeking
candidates for the nine global competitions organized by NTDTV, I had
some new insights that I would like to share.


Nine great compassionate ways to save people

"If the Nine Commentaries don't work, we have other means. We will not
resort to violence, and we will put to use every peaceful means there
is to end the persecution. As the saying goes, 'Buddha Law is
boundless.' If you don't believe it, just wait and see" ("Teaching the
Fa in San Francisco, 2005"). "If the CCP, while in its death throes,
still tries to use different tactics to tamper with the salvation of
sentient beings, then we have other ways to deal with it, the Buddha Fa
is boundless!" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Manhattan International Fa


Master mentioned that "If the Nine Commentaries
don't work, we have other means." My understanding is that some people
are so afraid of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that they refuse to
read the Nine Commentaries.
They also refuse to watch the Divine Performing Arts' Chinese
Spectacular show. For example, some of my classmates are just like
that. They say they just want to make money. They have the Nine Commentaries
at home, but they say they don't have time to read it. I have two other
classmates. They are the physicians-in-charge at the 301 Hospital. They
said they had the Nine Commentaries
a long time ago, but they didn't finish the book after reading
Commentary 1. Why? We "don't want to cause mental fatigue," they said.
In fact, they are afraid to find out that what they believed in for
years is evil. While promoting the Chinese Spectacular presented by
NTDTV, we also met some Chinese like this: their friends gave them
tickets for free, but they left the show in the middle; some other
didn't go to the show even when their friends gave them tickets for
free. For those Chinese, for example, the Chinese Culinary Competition
might be an opportunity to save them. If you tell them there is a
culinary competition some place, and it is free to taste the food, very
likely that can attract some people there. Or, if we ask TV stations to
broadcast the competition live, some viewers very likely will go there
to watch the competition. "People must eat." One won't refuse to
participate in eating food. Decent cuisine is like good cultivation.
When introducing the good cuisine to the audience, we use "eat" and
"drink" to explain some cultivation principles to the audience.


Recently, some practitioners shared a similar experience: the Chinese
Martial Arts competition helped us to "accidentally" find many people
who had been seeking a true master with top skills. For example, as
soon as someone from another cultivation discipline read Zhuan Falun,
he knew that Master Li's level is very high. His measurement of whether
a master is high or not is totally different from lay people. He said
that since Master Li dares to point out the wrong things other masters
do, Master Li must be at a very high level, otherwise Master Li dare
not do so. In fact, the Chinese Martial Arts competition's purpose is
to find those people. If it were not for the persecution of Falun Gong
in China, those people might have practiced Falun Gong for a long time
already. They have been seeking a true master but they end up following
the wrong one. Those people dislike politics or other things in the
ordinary world, but they don't read the Nine Commentaries or watch the Chinese Spectacular.


All are prepared for the Chinese Spectacular

Last year, New Tang Dynasty Television hosted two competitions. Some of
those who won the prizes are already top performers in this year's
Spectacular. This year, while we look for candidates for the nine
competitions, if we clarify the truth to the candidates and their
friends and relatives, they can spread the truth to others. As a
result, the more candidates we find, the more Divine Performing Arts
troupes we will have, the more shows we can have globally. If we have
ten Divine Performing Arts troupes, how many people will we save!


Do it, seek candidates, you can feel the celestial phenomenon

Last year during the process of calling professors in musical
institutes, most of the time, it was the dean or the vice headmaster
who picked up the phone. At that time, it was summer holiday in
colleges in Germany. Wasn't this reinforced by Master? Wasn't this
already prearranged in another dimension? Sometimes the professor's
response was very interesting: "I agree with your statement of the
purpose of the competitions. But have you seen anyone seeking
candidates within the last 3 weeks of the competition? I have attended
so many competitions. You have to start it 12 months ahead of time."
Then we followed up with the professor immediately. "Since you said
it's too rushed for this year's competition, how about next year's
competition? There will be 12 months before next year's competition."
At the very beginning, I was confused about the fact that it was summer
holiday when we prepared the competition. Master said, "Everything
through the ages, has happened for the Fa." Later, while studying the
Fa, I suddenly understood: if we host a competition when students are
back at school, students won't have time to attend the competition. It
has to be held during the summer holiday.


Another time, after I visited many theatres to post our competition
posters, my GPS device couldn't guide me to the next location. I typed
in everything again, but it showed a location I wasn't planning to
visit. Then I said to myself, "Okay, just follow the GPS." Then, we saw
many TV reporters and newspaper reporters were crowded in front of the
office of the Premier Minister, waiting for a press release. They told
us every month they would have such a press release. Wasn't it what we
were looking for? We talked to every TV station there. This incident
was very interesting. We told them that New Tang Dynasty TV is a
station that reports truth, so if any Chinese German wins the prize at
the competition, that'll definitely be an honor for Germany. We asked
them to forward the competition news to any Chinese coworkers or
relatives they know.


In the future they will learn Chinese

When we visited those arts institutes, we saw many Korean students.
Some practitioners shared this and realized that it will be the trend
in the future that anyone who wants to win the highest prize in this
field, he must learn Chinese. It is just like how an opera performer
today must learn Italian. The trend will be similar to this. Of course,
this is not what we need to worry about. But we feel that is the trend
because the majority of the students in arts institutes are Koreans.


So many lead performers are Chinese

While seeking candidates for the competition, some practitioners found
a surprise: at many theaters in Europe, many lead performers are
Chinese. Five years ago, the queen of a European country gave an award
to some lead performers who were chosen from Shanghai. Although those
Chinese performers said that Western ballet is different from Chinese
classical dance, we all felt they were the ones we were looking for. It
is just that having been brainwashed, they entered into a wrong door.

Many people who entered the vocal competition graduated from Germany

I tracked all the reports for last year's competition, and I found that
many people who entered the vocal competition graduated from some
musical institutes in Germany. We found that we did post competition
posters in those institutes. However we didn't go a step further to
look for Chinese students in those institutes. This year, we will
emphasize getting the candidates to submit their application for the
competition. We will keep clarifying the truth to the candidates until
they submit their application. Otherwise our work is not done.

Last year, one practitioner called a candidate from Switzerland every
day during the final week before the competition. Then the practitioner
found that the candidate couldn't get a visa to the U.S. in time. After
sharing the experience with other practitioners, they decided to call
the U.S. embassy to ask for a speedy process for that candidate's visa.
What is behind a candidate is the cooperative result of all the
practitioners involved.

It is very important to cooperate and coordinate overall

Last year, in the DVD of the lecture to Australian practitioners,
Master said what he wants to see from us is not which way we choose to
do something. It is how we cooperate overall during the process. For
example, last week someone submitted an application for the competition
from a city where we hadn't visited yet. Very likely, the candidate got
the competition information from the Epoch Times newspaper or NTDTV.

Last year an Italian practitioner said, if you mention the competition
to those Chinese in Rome, they will immediately say the lines in the TV
commercial, "The first prize is $10,000." They watch NTDTV every day.

When we promoted the Chinese Spectacular, some practitioners
enlightened that the percentage of practitioners who work on promoting
the show is the same as the percentage of the tickets sold overall. A
coordinator's role is just to set up a skeleton, while posting posters,
passing out flyers, and reaching out to people, requiring each
individual's effort. When you watch the Spectacular from the last row
in the theatre, you will see the high level skill of the Divine
Performing Arts troupe as a whole. Each individual cooperates with the
others very well; this is what people admire the most about the
Spectacular. One famous performer in Kun Opera commented, "This show is
national level." How to tell? This show is not about a particular
individual's skill being high; it is about the high level skills of
everyone and the whole body. This is achieved by cooperating well.

In fact, the nine competitions are also areas which require that
practitioners cooperate and coordinate well together. This is also a
test of how well we study Fa every day.

Nine competitions are nine ropes to help us to look for people

One day, a practitioner suddenly saw a picture in his mind: nine
competitions are like nine ropes. We tie one end of a rope around our
waist, and then we repel down the mountain cliff to look for people.
The ropes can be lengthened infinitely. This is because Falun Dafa
doesn't set a ceiling. On the nine platforms, we can give the full play
to our potential. This is an opportunity to touch the fields that we
have never visited within the last 9 years, an opportunity to save
people in those fields. To those who are not interested in our existing
ways of saving people, this might be a new opportunity for them. For
example, NTDTV can broadcast TV commercials during the competition. A
soccer game can make tons of money, why can't we? To those companies,
which invested loads of money in the evil CCP over the last 9 years, if
they can sponsor or advertise for the nine competitions, it is an
opportunity for them to atone for their sin. For example, for the last
9 years, the trade between Freistaat Bayern and China is 10.7 billion
Euros, which ranks 6th in the world. This is even greater than the
trade between South Korea and China, even greater than the trade
between Japan and China.

Some practitioners enlightened: the Fa has been clearly taught by
Master; the roads in other dimensions are already open. TV broadcast is
a gold bowl, and so is the competition. We should no longer beg for
food while holding a gold bowl.

How to clarify the truth about the competition

Last week, a practitioner shared that an ordinary person said our
competition was not famous enough and therefore he didn't want to
attend. Some other practitioners shared experiences: everything has a
selling point in the ordinary world. We must tell people the difference
between our competition and other competitions, the difference between
our competition and competitions hosted in China, the difference
between NTDTV and other TV stations. Once ordinary people understand
these, they would consider whether to take part in this competition.

For example, you can tell the truth like this: in the first year, the
competition may not be as well known as other competitions, but the
trend is that the competition will be held yearly and it is the highest
honor you can receive in your field. Attending the competition could
affect your career completely. Who wins the prize is not determined by
bribes or whether the judge knows you, but instead, it is determined by
your true skill. NTDTV is the only Chinese TV station that tells the
truth . For example, it always reports human rights news promptly.

You can also use an example from Singapore last year. Practitioners
there clarified the truth very well to one candidate. The truth
includes the facts about the Tiananmen self-immolation hoax, what NTDTV
is, what Epoch Times is, etc. When the Chinese Embassy threatened the
candidate, he was not afraid at all. He even asked for Zhuan Falun
to read. However, some other candidates who had not had the truth
clarified to them thoroughly cancelled their applications [under
pressure from the CCP]. There is a balance between quality and quantity
when we ask candidates to submit an application. Aiming at the quantity
only is not right. Without clarifying the facts about Falun Gong to
candidates, they wouldn't be firm about attending the competition.

Three weeks before the Chinese Spectacular in Munich, it was the
policemen who reminded us to put Falun Gong materials on the
information desk on street. Practitioners enlightened: Master saw that
we couldn't realize the relationship between Falun Gong and the
Spectacular, and so Master let the policeman give us a hint. So, later
we didn't avoid clarifying the truth about Falun Gong for the sake of
ticket sales. As a result, many audience members came to the show after
they learned the truth about Falun Gong, and they applauded
wholeheartedly for the show. Some practitioners enlightened: telling
the truth of Falun Gong will help to get twice the results with half
the effort. On the other hand, the less the truth of Falun Gong is
clarified, the more troubles will come.

So, the more we work on the nine competitions, the more wonder we will
see, the more significance we will realize, the more celestial
phenomenon we will touch. Nine competitions grow into a vast and
enormous dimension, a dimension to seek candidates, a dimension to save
people. Those practitioners who don't take part in the process won't be
able to realize this.

The nine competitions are brand new to each one of us. No one has past
experience on this. But the competitions do provide us vast dimension
to seek and save people. Master provides us with the nine platforms to
seek precious Chinese people. All of a sudden, a practitioner recalled
how he remembered a classmate of his brother who is a famous violin
player. There are many such cases.

In fact, as long as we recall thoroughly, the experts in the nine
fields are just around us, are just among our friends, our relatives.
If we don't talk with them about attending the competitions, other
practitioners who have never met them before need to contact them. Then
the results may not be as good as a friend talking to them. If we
didn't have the nine competitions, what other excuses would we have to
talk with them and to clarify the truth to them in the last nine years?

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