Cultivation Diary: The Invisibles Do Exist

By Jingang Xiao

PureInsight | June 10, 2008

[] Originally, I
had only intended to get together and chat with a close friend today.
But eventually, my friend invited a friend of hers to come join us. We
were in a nice coffee shop, and I had finished chatting with my friend
and was thinking about something while holding a pile of books in my
arms, when my friend's friend arrived. Since he came, I realized that
it was our precious predestined relationship and I should clarify the
truth to him.

Of course, the topics when chatting are often very casual and could
cover anything. So, I started by joking that I had an ability to know
who was thinking about me. I believed it was telepathy and was
wondering if anyone here had had this kind of experience. This person
was very interested in the topic, and responded immediately that he had
indeed had this kind of experience. Many times before, he could know
who liked him and who said bad things about him behind his back, and
his sense was pretty accurate.

Then I said, "Have you noticed sometimes that you could feel the
atmosphere in a room the moment you walk in, be it suppressive, calm or
happy? You can feel it even though no one has said anything. I call it
the feeling that exists even though it is invisible." I noticed that he
listened carefully and nodded his head. Then I said, "Well, I have been
thinking about the issue that being invisible does not mean it does not
exist." My friend smiled at me. I knew her thoughts, and said, "Yes,"
in my mind. In a moment, I was going to talk about the mighty Gods who
are everywhere.

I noticed that everyone was very interested in what I was saying. Then
I said, "I was wondering if you have read a very interesting book
called The Little Prince (French, Le Petit Prince,
1943). It contains a famous quote, 'The most important existence is
invisible to the naked eye.' I liked to read this book when I was a
child, and had been repeatedly thinking about the meaning of that
quote. Now I understand that the invisibles do exist, such as the air,
sound waves, thoughts and feelings, etc. People could not predict the
disastrous earthquake that occurred in Sichuan province because they
could not see it in advance. But many small animals were busy moving to
safety and they appeared from underground. Why? Because they were more
sensitive to the disaster and could 'see' it in advance."

Talking about the earthquake, everyone became emotional. My friend said
that the earthquake was truly extremely horrible and what made her feel
the saddest was that so many "tofu constructions" collapsed and caused
the deaths of numerous innocent children!

"Talking about the 'tofu construction' buildings and the corrupted
officials who treated the people's lives like dirt, you may be
wondering what has made our social system so horrible. Have you noticed
that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) treats life with indifference?
Whether it is the unprecedented Cultural Revolution, or the armed tanks
running over innocent students in the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre,
or harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners and selling them on
the international market, which you may have never heard of, could any
of these be done by a normal human being? These could be done only by

They were all listening with great attention. "Have you heard about the
quit the CCP movement? Already over 30 million people have quit the
vicious CCP. Have you noticed that the signs used by this vicious demon
are all red in color, the color of blood? When I saw children who died
in the disaster were still wearing the red triangle scarf on their
necks, I felt very sad. They died without knowing that it was the evil
CCP who caused their death. Only demons could allow those corrupt
officials to build 'tofu construction' to serve their own interests. A
prophecy in the Bible has mentioned that the CCP is a red beast in
another dimension (Revelations, Chapter 13). I believe in the existence
of Gods. Because something is invisible does not mean it does not
exist. The [CCP's] atheism has brought great suffering to the Chinese

After my friend's friend heard what I said, he fell deep into thought.
Then I said, "The quit the CCP movement is showing the people that the
gods will eliminate this vicious beast. Everyone who has been marked by
it should quit the CCP as soon as possible, either with one's real name
or a pen name. Otherwise, one will be buried with this beast. Many
ancient prophecies have mentioned what will happen during this time
period. For example, the Chinese Tuibei Prophecy and Shaobing Prophecy
have both predicted the big events that will happen but cannot be seen
at the moment."

"I have been a Youth League member for a long time and have already
passed its age requirement. Doesn't this mean that I quit it
automatically?" this friend asked.

"You were dragged into it without a clear mind at that time. You have
vowed to dedicate your life to it. Will it let you go easily? You
should quit it now with a clear understanding. Then, when the Gods are
eliminating it, it cannot bring you with it when it is buried. The Gods
are everywhere. If you nod to agree, the gods will protect you. You
will be safe when the disaster strikes."

"Okay, I will quit [the CCP]." When my friend's friend said this, I was so happy for him. Then I gave him a DVD of The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and asked him to watch it at home. The night passed with our interesting chatting about the existence of the invisibles.

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