Cultivation Notes: Witnessing

By a Dafa Practitioner Outside of China

PureInsight | June 10, 2008

[] Last weekend,
I went to the New York Fa Conference and afterwards had various [new]
understandings. This weekend, I went to Flushing, Queens to participate
in many activities to clarify the truth.

On my way to New York, I sent forth righteous thoughts in the car:
"Eliminate all the evil that interferes with the Fa-rectification in
New York City and Flushing." When I arrived in Flushing, there were
numerous Chinese people on the street. When I got close to the event
location, I heard the music from the Divine Performing Orchestra and
became very excited. Further down the street, many practitioners were
passing out fliers and clarifying the truth to people. I stood by the
sidewalk and sent forth righteous thoughts.

Soon there were speeches about quitting the Chinese Communist Party
(CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Some speakers were
practitioners and some were not. I could not hear clearly what was
being said because I was too far away from the podium. Suddenly, there
were loud sounds near the rally. Apparently they were from the gang who
was hired [by the Chinese Consulate or its affiliated groups] to do
some bad deeds. Very soon, I heard slogans slandering Dafa from that
group. None of the practitioners from our group argued with them and we
just sat down and sent forth righteous thoughts. Many policemen were
present. Since the gang shouted slogans only, the police took no
further action.

I watched the shouting mob with a heavy heart that harbored no anger or
hatred but only sadness because they had made such a choice. I
continued to send forth righteous thoughts.

The sky slowly turned dark and soon it started to drizzle and thunder.
It seemed to me that I saw that layer upon layer of beings who tried to
interfere with the Fa-rectification were being totally eliminated. In
my memory, this is the first time, outside of China, that I heard of
slogans slandering Dafa since July 20, 1999. I hope this will be the
last time.

The rain was getting worse and two female practitioners sat in lotus
position on the ground sending righteous thoughts. Their clothes were
getting wet, but their long period of concentration seemed to solidify
the air around them.

Thousands of practitioners quietly sent forth righteous thoughts.
Watching the rain getting heavier, at that moment, I felt that Heaven,
Earth, and the Gods were here to witness the Fa-rectification.

While I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I understood that the
gang seemed to be taken advantage of by the evil beings on the surface,
but actually this was supported by layers of evil factors from behind.
That was why they were so out of control. I looked for the evil
elements in the deepest level and tried to eliminate them while sending
forth righteous thoughts. I didn't believe that they were qualified to
interfere with the Fa-rectification or the salvation of sentient beings.

Meanwhile, I realized that I was not diligent enough and failed to
break through. Looking at the evil elements in front of me, I
understood that their existence resulted from my not cultivating well.
What I witnessed at that moment served as a reminder that my righteous
thoughts should be stronger and my dealing with people needed to
improve in this dimension in order to validate the Fa better.

I do not remember when the sun came back out, but I felt like a different person.

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