How Should Dafa Disciples Regard the Election?

By a Dafa practitioner in Canada

PureInsight | November 3, 2008

[] On October 14th, Canada held a general election, and the conservative party, which is always supportive of Dafa, won. Before this general election, we had a Divine Performing Arts (DPA) mid-autumn show in Canada and did not have time to think about the election. When the show finished, there were only two weeks left before the election. In that short time, practitioners shared positively and we all understood that we should have righteous thoughts about the election in this democratic country. Our practitioners’ thinking would influence the future of this country. We don’t care about politics and also have no attachment to who would be the next president. Although the conservative party was very supportive at the time, we didn’t have an attachment to them. With clear upright minds, we sent forth righteous thoughts to let those people who have positive thoughts about Dafa to get elected no matter which party they belong to; and let those people who have low morality and a close relationship with the Chinese communist party have no chance of being elected.

Then there was an issue of candidates who still needed to show their attitude towards Dafa, or else righteous Gods wouldn’t know how to position them. This meant that we should let those candidates know the truth within two weeks and give them a chance to make their attitudes known. No matter what they did or thought, Master and Gods would look at their hearts.

We knew that a government plays a very important role in saving its people, and so it was very important to save those candidates. At that time, they still stayed in their local areas to participate in election debates. Though it was very difficult to see those people one week before the election, we still had six days we could use to visit our local officials. Practitioners reminded each other to cherish those few days and that the situation would be positive if every practitioner could spend even two or three hours on this.

We asked those practitioners with good English to help find the times and locations for the local political debates and send the information to our email list. We asked the practitioners in each area to go visit their local officials and also encouraged those practitioners who cannot speak English to partner with practitioners with good English and go together to clarify the truth.

Before our visits, we prepared truth clarification materials, including reports on organ harvesting, various reports about the evil deeds conducted by the Chinese communist party today, etc. Our purpose was to tell the officials clearly about the evilness of the Chinese communist party and the persecution of Falun Gong and ask them how they would cope with these things if they were elected. Some practitioners also helped to prepare questions that practitioners could raise during the debates, which would also let the voters listening have chances to learn the truth. However, we realized clearly that raising questions was not critical, but clarifying the truth about Dafa was what was most important, regardless of if the candidates were good or bad.

Because we were holding the mid-autumn DPA show at that time, we really had very little time to clarify the truth utilizing this election. However, we believed that two weeks time was enough for Gods, and when we behaved righteously, we didn’t have a notion about it being too late. Practitioners all encouraged each other to attend the debates, and we formed a very righteous field in this dimension once we had righteous mindsets about the election.

After the election results came out, the party that was supportive of Dafa had been elected. However, we were not moved by this, and practitioners shared that we still need to do a better job and keep telling the facts about Dafa to the government officials. No matter which party they belong to, we should save them all.

Now is also the last stage of the general election in the United States and we would like to share this with practitioners there. We hope those elected officials can learn the truth and usher in a bright future for the American people.

Please kindly point it out if anything shared here is not appropriate.

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