Escape the Sickness Demon; Nullify the Old Forces’ Arrangements Based on the Fa’s Principles

Gu Guang

PureInsight | November 23, 2009

[] Fa rectification is coming to the end and some Dafa practitioners are not doing well on the three things. Some are lost in reputation, self-interest and feelings; while others still hold onto various attachments. These factors, as well as their own karma, result in some being persecuted by the evil in the form of sickness demons; some are persecuted very severely. I would like to share with fellow practitioners about how to face this test and tribulation. If any of my words are not in line with the Fa, please correct me.

At the end of July 2009, my mother was busy with ordinary things and was not diligent in doing the three things. In particular, she was heavily attached to the affection for her granddaughter. She often took injections and medication. Recently, due to her severe cough she was persuaded by my father to have a medical examination at the hospital. The result of the medical examination was “advanced lung cancer.” I was shocked when I heard this but I knew it was not by accident. I had to think of it based on the Fa’s principles. I thought I must help my mother to strengthen her righteous thoughts, find her own shortcomings, and nullify the old forces’ arrangements. I talked a lot with my mother. However, at that time she had already faltered. Surrounded by the persuasion from family members, she was not clear-headed on the Fa’s principles. I ended up sending my mother to the hospital. That night when I studied the Fa with the group, I told fellow practitioners the whole situation. We sent forth righteous thoughts together and then shared our thoughts. Practitioner A said: “Although the evil persecuted a fellow practitioner in the form of a sickness demon, it was directed towards all of us saving sentient beings. So, from now on when we send righteous thoughts, we should add one thought; ‘Absolutely do not allow the evil to persecute practitioners in this form to impact negatively the task of saving sentient beings.’ We can send righteous thoughts together. Our validating the Fa and saving sentient beings can not be impaired. You are her son, so you need to let go of human attachments as well.” Practitioner B said: “We need to reinforce your mother with our powerful righteous thoughts so she can leave the hospital. We are cultivators. The hospital is not where we should stay. In addition, if time permits, I would like to go with you to help her to improve on the Fa’s principles so she can find her own attachments.” Practitioner C said: “When a problem emerges, we all should look inside using the Fa’s principles. Let go of human attachment; the evil will be eliminated.” I felt that all these fellow practitioners kept the Fa in their minds so as not to let the evil take advantage.

While my mother was in the hospital, our Fa study group shared experiences several times. Everyone agreed that we should negate the arrangement by the old forces to impair us saving sentient beings. When I visited my mother the next time, she looked much better and didn’t cough severely. She said she saw herself floating on the lotus in the air… … She enlightened that Master had given her hints to go home. I told her all of what fellow practitioners had said and helped her to understand it based on the Fa’s principles. She generally agreed with what they said. She also found some of her attachments: she didn’t do well on the three things; she had a strong attachment to affection for her granddaughter; she didn’t go out to study the Fa with the group even though she was retired and had plenty of free time. However, the hospital persuaded my mother that there was no way for her to heal except by chemotherapy or radiation therapy. My family also insisted on giving her the treatment no matter how much it cost. Under such a situation, my mother didn’t make her decision to leave the hospital that day. She thought of taking more injections to stop the fever.

The next day, Practitioner B and I went to the hospital together and shared experiences with my mother. Practitioner B said to my mother: “Since you have already obtained the Fa, you should make the decision to let Master decide whether you live or die.” I also said this was a test. My mother agreed with us. She asked me to talk to the hospital to discharge her. She said she hadn’t wanted to go to the hospital. It was just because family members insisted that she went. Practitioner B and I were happy to hear what my mother said. I felt the encouragement and help from fellow practitioners was effective in helping my mother to strengthen her confidence in Master and Dafa. Her own righteous thoughts were stronger.

After I got my mother home, it was not long before she was out and involved with the group of Dafa disciples. She wanted to catch up with others and required herself to strictly do the three things well. She said to me: “I don’t give a single thought about my sickness. I just study the Fa more and do the three things well.” Then she felt those sickness symptoms were all gone and she coughed much less. Those who knew she was sick asked her with eyes wide open: “You were discharged? You are all right?” My mother said: “If a person who doesn’t cultivate says ‘Falun Dafa is good,’ ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ his sickness will be cured. Just watching the DVD of the Divine Performing Arts show will remove ill-fortune. I am a Dafa practitioner; do I need to go to the hospital?”

From this incident, I also found many of my attachments. For example, I hadn’t taken care of my parents enough; I sometimes slacked off in doing the three things and pursued comfort. When I saw my mother getting busy with kids and chores, I had tried to persuade her not to be attached to affection for family and reminded her to do the three things well. She would say “okay” verbally, but still tried to find excuses for her actions. She didn’t let go of the attachments in her heart, so I was unwilling to talk about it with her again. I had felt I could do nothing to help her. I did not like her always being busy with family. I disliked her not being diligent. I had only minded myself and not my fellow practitioner. I was selfish.

Through this incident, our Fa study group enlightened righteously and walked righteously. I realized some points:

  1. We must maintain the environment of group Fa study. That way, fellow practitioners can share experiences, learn from each other, and correct each other’s understandings that are not in line with the Fa.
  2. Only by looking inside can we find the root cause of a problem and become clear-headed on the Fa’s principles, and only then will all the evil’s persecution disappear.
  3. When the whole group agrees unanimously based on the Fa’s principles, we can eliminate the arrangements of the old forces. All the persecution by the old forces will vanish.

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