Talking About the Position Given to Fa Study

Yu Yue

PureInsight | February 15, 2010

[] I have a similar understanding as the practitioner who recently shared their understanding on the Clearwisdom Website regarding how we should position Fa study. Master said in “Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference”: “You cultivate in a state of delusion, and cannot see what the book of Fa is truly like. When you truly do manage to see it, words will be inadequate, simply powerless, to describe it. I have told you before that behind each word lie Buddhas, Daos, and Gods, tier after tier. Nor can you grasp what it meant when Master said that everything has been compressed into the book of Fa, for at this time you cannot, with your human thoughts, fathom that sentence.”

I thought of a scene that I saw half a year ago. In a quiet and remote corner, a Kulapati sat on the ground with his back straight, both hands holding a Buddhist scripture at eyebrow level, and read the teachings sincerely and respectfully. This scene touched me deeply. An everyday person can be so sincere and respectful when reading the Buddhist scripture, let alone we who cultivate the sacred universal Fa? We should be even more sincere, respectful, serious, and earnest when we study Dafa.

However, how did I read the Fa? Actually, in the end of 2002, I started to sit with legs crossed in the double lotus position when reading the Fa. I continued like this for a few years. My cultivation state was quite good during that period and I was very diligent. But in recent years, the external environment became more relaxed and I also loosened the requirement on myself. Often I lied down when I felt tired while studying the Fa. Especially for the two years that I tried to memorize the Fa persistently, I was almost always lying down when reciting the Fa. I was so disrespectful to Dafa and Master. How could those tiers after tiers of Buddhas, Daos, and Gods behind the Fa show me the profound Fa principles? So Master let me see the scene of an ordinary person reading Buddhist scriptures. I realized that it is very serious to be respectful to the Fa and Master. Now I double cross my legs again when I study the Fa.

Cultivation itself is quite serious. Respecting the Fa and Master is even more serious. In his signature to the letter, “To the Brazil Fa Conference,” Master for the first time added “Master” in front of his name. This does indeed have a deep meaning behind it. Shouldn’t we think about ourselves and ask: have we done well in respecting the Fa and Master?

Originally published in Chinese on November 2, 2009

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