What a Western Practitioner Has Seen in Other Dimensions

A Western Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 1, 2010

[PureInsight.org] My husband is an American practitioner who obtained the Fa a year ago. His Chinese name is Long Long (which means Dragon). When we first met, we began to cultivate together. Long Long really surprised me because his cultivation state was very similar to mine when I began to cultivate. He learned the five exercises only once but mastered them quickly. For the fifth exercise, he was able to sit in the full lotus position for one hour from the beginning. He studied the Fa without any questions, and he believed everything in Zhuan Falun wholeheartedly. He experienced many cultivation states that Zhuan Falun describes, such as the opening of the Celestial Eye, the formation of the Heavenly Circuit, the wonderful and comfortable feeling in the fifth exercise that feels like you are sitting inside an egg shell, Guanding, the Placement of the Mysterious Pass, etc. He was quickly faced with letting go of the attachment to eating meat, the attachment of lust, and many others like described in Zhuan Falun. There was always something happening to point out one of his attachments, including the process of replacing emotion with benevolence. It was very interesting, and he cultivated very fast. I thought he had very good inborn quality at that time.

One time, Long Long did the fifth exercise and the music stopped. Through his third eye he saw a very bright star coming down from the sky. Then it transformed into many Faluns and they surrounded our practice site. Then he saw Master’s Fashen (Law Body) coming. Master’s Fashen started to cleanse our internal organs. He saw Master was very busy removing substances from his internal organs and then putting something back in. After that, Master began to do the same thing for me, but didn’t stop doing it for my husband. At that moment, two practitioners were already done with their meditation and started to talk with each other. They couldn’t see Master, but Master also cleaned their internal organs. Even though the two practitioners were still talking, Master didn’t mind and also put something into their bodies. Afterward, my husband told them what had happened, and they were very shocked and very thankful to Master for cleansing their bodies even though they had stopped practicing and were chatting (one of them was a new practitioner).

Long Long said there was a very strong energy field at our practice site and the field was still there even after we left.

He said he often saw another version of himself sitting in front of him doing the exercises. Both the appearance and clothes of the person looked exactly the same as him, except that he was clean-shaven. He meditated in tranquility and cultivated very well. Long Long said when he saw that other self cultivating so diligently, he had no choice but to cultivate diligently.

One time Long Long was driving a motorcycle, and a big Falun was following him above his head. He could see the shadows of the buildings on his motorcycle, but he could not see the shadow of the Falun. When he turned the corner, the Falun followed him. The Falun was about one meter above his head and followed him until he got home. Then he didn’t see it again.

Another time, Long Long saw several people behind me who looked the same as me. When I sent forth righteous thoughts and my palm was upright, he saw my palm became a sword in another dimension. Sometimes the sword was long and sometimes it was short. I realized that when it was short that was when my righteous thoughts were not strong enough.

Once when Long Long was practicing the exercises, he saw four strangers in another dimension who were doing the exercises with us at the practice site. Even though they couldn’t be seen, they indeed did the exercises together with us. Another time when a practitioner came down from upstairs, Long Long saw a golden dragon flying down. Long Long didn't tell what he saw to this practitioner because he wasn't sure whether it would cause this practitioner to develop an attachment.

On one occasion, a practitioner sang a Dafa song at a community event. Long Long saw the energy coming out of the practitioner's mouth; it was really strong and in the shape of spheres.

Another time when doing the exercises, Long Long saw many planets rotating around a new practitioner's head. When this practitioner came back the next day he could meditate in the full lotus position for an hour.

One day, a young man and woman came to our practice site to learn the exercises. The woman was African American and the man was Caucasian. Long Long saw a Falun rotating around the woman, but not the man. After a while, the man left. The woman with the Falun around her meditated in the half lotus position for an hour and was very still. Afterwards, she said she believed in Dafa.

Long Long said that when he was young, he already knew that a grain of sand contained three thousand worlds. He also knew that he chose his parents as well as his birth place in this life. Long Long said many people fell down to this world, but he didn’t. At a young age he saw that the goddess who looks after Caucasian people's children has two big wings. He didn’t know that he saw her though through his Celestial Eye and thought that everyone could see her. After he was laughed at many times, he realized that he couldn’t tell others about the things he saw because they couldn't see them.

Long Long said that he has always been able to read Dafa books without any problem. Whatever Master says is what it is, and there is nothing to question. When you understand it, you understand it right away. You don't need to try to understand it intentionally because what Master said is the truth after all.

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/5/10/59421.html


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