Modern Fairy Tale: Standing on the Crest of a Wave and Singing

Wang Haotian

PureInsight | February 8, 2010

[] Many people find themselves singing songs inside their hearts when their minds are pure, and those songs are both touching and beautiful. These songs cannot be expressed in words because of the post-natal influences to our human physical bodies. It is a wonder how a person who has no musical training or background could produce such heavenly songs. They are so touching that they can linger in a person’s mind for several days and be remembered and enjoyed for a long time thereafter.

The main character of this story lived two thousand years ago. He was a very simple young man who made a living selling firewood. But his mind was quite calm and happy. When he took a rest from cutting wood, he always looked at the birds flying in the sky and the fish jumping in the water and he sang songs. The melody of his singing was untrained and changed constantly like flowing water. He would sing whatever he thought of at the moment without any set musical melody, and his voice was dry like the wood he cut, devoid of surface beauty. However, in his heart he felt like his true self when he sang, and he enjoyed being in his own world without any disruptions, even though he looked strange in other people’s eyes because he seemed so satisfied with his poor melodies and incoherent lyrics.

One day, a stringed-instrument player who cultivated on the nearby mountain saw this young man. He felt that the nature of this young man was like a native piece of jade without any sculpting. So he called the young man over and began to teach him how to sing. But the young man just wanted to relax in life and saw the musical theories and the singing rules as barriers. The musician understood his thoughts and gave up teaching any theories or rules and just taught him as his interests flowed.

The musician took the young man to a high mountain and pointed to a tall tree on the rock face. He asked the young man, “Does this tree grow up here by itself?” The young man took a look and answered, “Of course. As long as the tree pushes its roots into the earth, takes water from the ground, and absorbs sunlight constantly, it will grow tall enough to almost reach the sky.” The teacher smiled and said to him, “Aren’t you just like this tree?” The young man suddenly understood and enlightened. During his practice, the teacher guided him patiently: “There are many kinds of energy in the universe. If you can utilize one kind of energy smoothly, you will be able to sing songs that are above and beyond the ordinary voice. When you are singing a song, you need to imagine yourself standing atop the ocean waves and your voice coming out naturally like the power of the moving waves. Please remember that your voice is not coming from your throat, but is instead resonating with the various energies from the universe.”

This was the first time the young man learned how interesting it was to sing a song. But after practice, the young man started to complain repeatedly that his throat hurt, his body was tired, and it was even more tiring than cutting wood. The teacher still very patiently guided him: “You see the river runs non-stop, and every moment it is very happy while moving along. Have you ever heard it complaining about being tired? No. Why? Because it merrily runs non-stop by following the natural principles. It has melted itself into the law of nature.”

When the young man made some progress from practicing, he started to feel elated in his heart. The teacher then told him, “Singing is not for self-satisfaction or euphoria. Instead, it is for more living beings to be inspired and awakened by your song. After hearing your song, your audience should feel like they are able to touch the colorful clouds with your song and stand on the crest of a wave in the ocean moving freely and joyfully. They should also feel like they are able to endure suffering in their human lives, like riding atop a big wave in a sea full of bitterness and hardship.”

As the young man continued practicing, the flying birds and walking animals all respectfully listened to his songs when he sang. His singing made any being forget about the pain of living and generated deep sympathy in their heart. His voice seemed to penetrate time and dimensions of the universe and displayed the beautiful scenes each life has had throughout its history. Every time he sang a song, his surroundings all seemed to be in a state free of intention, and his mind was empty and his heart like still water. No trace of impurity could enter his heart. His voice was flying and swirling freely between the sky and the earth.

When the memory of this story redisplayed in front of me with the new thinking and logic from my Falun Dafa cultivation, it certainly had a different taste and feeling. No matter how long or short our history, it is no longer important who we were in the past. “Only a cultivator can unlock the puzzle” (“Demonic Shift,” Hong Yin). Through cultivation of Dafa, we can truly find our genuine selves that existed a long time ago. We will be able to uncover and resolve all the historical relationships, good or bad, and unlock the origin of our life so that we can cherish more our [present] lives that did not come easily.

Even though history has changed people’s appearances, it has not changed the deep wish in people’s hearts, waiting to be saved by Dafa. The dust of the human world has buried these precious lives. A life truly has hope of returning when it has the fortune of encountering Master’s compassionate salvation of sentient beings at this moment in history.

When I stood on the crest of the wave and slowly sung the song, “Be Saved,” I was shocked by my own resonating voice that penetrated time and space and displayed a grand scene before my eyes. I was completely calm, and the beings listening to me seemed awestruck. After a few seconds, their applause sounded like a thunderstorm raining down from higher dimensions to the human world.

When we stand on the crest of the wave and sing, the joy from a life that has been saved can be heard. Cherish this moment, sing for the beauty of Dafa, and praise Master’s saving grace! After thousands of years of waiting, the most beautiful song is sung from the Heavens to all lives: “Falun Dafa is Good!”

First Published in Chinese on August 28, 2009

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