Sharing from the Heart: Enlightening from Broken Glass

Lian Zi

PureInsight | January 12, 2010

[] One afternoon, I went to a Fa study group to study Fa and share cultivation experiences. When I entered the room, I did not feel comfortable because the two coordinators who were hosting the meeting were practitioners whom I had conflicts with previously. After the Fa study, the coordinator asked us to talk freely. After two practitioners shared their experiences, the coordinator asked me to share my experience. I made an excuse by saying that I would like to listen to other practitioners first, but after a while another practitioner again asked me to talk. Even though I had thought about what I was going to say and I also thought that I should talk, I still made an excuse not to and deferred to someone else.

After 4pm a practitioner had to leave. When they closed the door the glass window in the door shattered with a loud sound. One practitioner said: “There are no coincidences in our cultivation. Everyone here should look inside.” I said: “We should not look at things at the surface level. This incident gives us a hint. Things that join together become one body; things that diverge become small pieces. A solid piece of glass is a complete body, but it can shatter. Don’t you think that this incident shows us that we need to remove the gaps between us to form one body?”

I started to look inside. In the past, the coordinators and I had gaps because we had different opinions on rescuing practitioners who had gone astray. Even now, I still had not let this go. Today, when I saw them hosting the meeting, I did not want to talk. So I just made excuses. Isn’t this a gap between us? Wasn’t this gap caused by our human notions? Wasn’t the broken glass giving us a hint to remove the gap among us to harmonize into one body?

Therefore, I started to talk. I talked about the truth clarifying experiences that my wife and I had recently in our hometown. I wished that the coordinators could support this and encourage more practitioners to go to their hometowns to clarifying the truth. In addition, I also talked about the interference and persecution toward Falun Gong from the evil CCP during the period around the 60th anniversary of the founding of the CCP. We should rectify and purify our righteous thoughts. We should not pay too much attention to the persecution. We should eliminate our fears and send our strongest righteous thoughts to completely eliminate the evil forces. Both the coordinators and other practitioner agreed with what I said.

Because of our master’s benevolence, he arranged many opportunities for me to look inside, to eliminate attachments, and to lift myself up. In the future, I will more diligently cultivate myself and will not miss any opportunities again.

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