Cultivation Story: Why Did the Flute Cry?

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | January 25, 2010

[] Ms. Guan was an OB/GYN and division head in a hospital. She is 56 years old and retired one ago.

She started to practice Falun Dafa in 1995. Although she is already 56, she looks like someone in her 40s.

Ms. Guan has many hobbies and talents. Among them, she likes playing the flute the best.

Before her retirement, she asked her son to spend about one thousand yuan (RMB) to buy a high-quality flute for her from Beijing. She planned to play Dafa music and Celestial Melodies (music composed by Dafa practitioners) in a nearby park every afternoon in order to save sentient beings.

However, after retirement, Ms. Guan found new employment, which kept her very busy. Her plan of playing Celestial Melodies went nowhere. The flute was hung on the wall in Ms. Guan’s bedroom and she did not touch it for more than half a year.

One day, Ms. Guan was awakened by the sound of crying. She sat up and looked around to find out where the crying came from. It seemed to be from the flute. She went closer to listen. Yes indeed, the crying did come from the flute. Her husband was out of town for several days and she was home alone, somewhat scared.

Ms. Guan thought about moving the flute to another place to see if the crying continued. So she put the flute on the porch and went back to sleep. After that she did not hear the crying sound any more.

One night, Ms. Guan had a dream: it was a windy night and her window was blown open causing the flute to fall to the floor. She went over to take a look, but stepped on the flute by mistake, breaking it. She felt very bad and awoke from the dream.

Getting out of bed, she looked out her window onto the porch. There was no wind, but the flute was on the floor just like what had happened in her dream.

Ms. Guan did not think much about it, but simply put the flute back on the table without checking to see if it was damaged and went back to sleep.

The next morning, Ms. Guan got up and went to look at the flute again and was surprised to see that it was broken, just like in the dream.

Everything has a soul, including the flute. This flute is the Fa implement of a Dafa practitioner. Why did it cry and why did it break? It is because the flute intended to validate the Fa, since Ms. Guan had the plan of playing Celestial Melodies and using it to awaken and save sentient beings. But the plan went nowhere. The flute was misled, so how could it not cry?

Thinking in this way, Ms. Guan said to the flute, “I am very sorry. From now on, I’ll practice the music every day. After I’m good enough, I’ll play the Celestial Melodies in the park every day to save sentient beings.”

Since then, Ms. Guan has played Celestial Melodies using the flute regardless of the fact that the flute was damaged.

Seven days later, Ms. Guan suddenly found that the flute was no longer broken. She was very excited.

Everything has a soul. The flute fulfilled its wish and was happy. With its spirit whole again, its physical body also became whole and the flute was no longer broken.

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