Modern Fairy Tale: The Fountain of Life

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | February 1, 2010

[] Can Chinese [written] characters fly? Can people’s hearts dance? Is it true that immortal winged-horses can prance across the sky? When I was child, I always looked at the bright sky and daydreamed freely about such things. When I came back to the real world, I would use my own eyes to search for those beautiful stories in daily life and let heavenly cherubs (winged baby angels) accompany me for happiness.

However, as I was grew older and received more and more of the education under the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I found myself no longer being so innocent and lovely. Starting when I was very young, I was forced by school teachers to pledge to “fight and struggle my whole life” for the evil CCP. When I put on the red triangular scarf, a symbol of the CCP’s “Young Pioneers,” I lost the beauty in my life. Each day, those beautiful cherubs were further and further away from me. The most terrible thing I found as I was being increasingly influenced by the CCP’s education was that I became sorely lacking in kindness and compassion. I felt that after I put on that red triangular scarf, the demons and monsters in those [Chinese] fairy tales continuously interfered with me. It was like they were trying to turn me into a devil to go with them.

Later, something strange happened to me. I was awakened at midnight by a bad dream. I asked my mother for a Fa (Law) Implement (a magical tool or weapon) and I asked my father for Sun Wu Kong (a super hero from a Chinese fairy tale) to help me fight against the demons and monsters. Many years later, I renounced my allegiance to the CCP and the Young Pioneers. Once again, I embraced the bright sky in my life. Only then were my nights free of nightmares and my life again full of wide vistas and bright skies.

Since then, my writings have been freely expressing themselves through my keyboard. When a being encounters kindness and evil, this being must always choose to do the right thing. It is just like those beings in the [ancient] fairy tales who believe in justice. They all come together and stand up to stop the evil forces from doing those things which ruin people’s beliefs and morality. Only then, through such actions, will one’s life be truly touched. I am now just like a hero in those fairy tales; I am able to clearly control my main consciousness. What is happening in the real world is just like what happens in those fairy tales, only it is human beings playing the various roles. It is surprising that there is so much that exists that both fairy tales and real life have in common. People who have a sense of justice and righteousness are opposing the cruel killings and mistreatment of others.

As I cultivate in Dafa further and further, I’ve been approaching closer and closer to the truth that is godhood. I am very touched and moved when I see those fairy tales manifesting in real life. When I was a child, I longed for the Fountain of Life because I believed that the clarity and beauty of the Fountain could offer people wisdom and strength. After practicing Dafa, my longings have been realized. While following the universal principle of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” and looking inside myself to remove attachments, I have become more and more tranquil in my heart/mind, as well as clearer and clearer about the principle itself.

My words and characters are much like the Fountain of Life. They are flowing far and wide to refresh and cleanse those in need and wash away their bad thoughts.

I will continue to explore the themes of those fairy tales found in real life [through my writings]. I will retell the cultivation stories to clarify the truth to people. I will advise people to treat Dafa practitioners with kindness and to treasure Dafa. Those miracles and heavenly cherubs are all around us.

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