What a Western Practitioner Has Seen in Other Dimensions (4)

Dictated by a Western Dafa disciple, written by a Chinese Dafa disciple

PureInsight | March 9, 2010

[PureInsight.org] On September 21, 2009, I did the Falun Gong exercises with my wife. When she held the third posture in the second exercise, “holding the wheel above the head,” her fingers on both hands didn’t point toward one another. I saw that the energy from her hands couldn’t circulate; instead, the energy scattered away. It really bothered me, so I kept reminding her that her hands needed to point toward each other.

When we did group exercises at the New York Fa Conference and Washington DC Fa Conference, I noticed many practitioners’ movements were not accurate. In fact, some movements were far from normal. Among those practitioners, some had been practicing for as long as 10 years and some practitioners’ inaccurate movements were identical. They all added an extra movement at the same place in the exercises. I would like to remind all practitioners of something here: in the early days at practice sites in China, practitioners would choose a practitioner to teach the exercises to people who came to learn. One practitioner was on duty for one day; the next day another practitioner would be in charge. They corrected practitioners’ inaccurate movements. If someone was in deep concentration, then the practitioner in charge would talk with him after the exercise was done. They were also responsible for answering questions from passersby.

Once when we were practicing, we took a break after the first four exercises. I saw sentient beings in another dimension were with us at the practice site and were all waiting quietly for us without any facial expressions or words. They just waited. That’s why every time when I do the exercises, I always like to finish all five exercises in a row because I don’t want those beings to have to wait. I felt that their time was different from ours; one week in our dimension was much shorter in theirs’. One time I didn’t do the exercises for an entire week and their time went even faster. We should always remember to do the exercises and do them according to the exercise time.

One time right after we began to do the exercises, I saw Master’s Fashen sitting in the sky above us. He performed big hand signs to send high-energy matter through our bodies. After our bodies became like transparent glass, Master’s Fashen started to do Guanding for us. He kept pouring white-colored high-energy matter into our bodies through our heads until we finished the exercises. When Master’s Fashen left, each of his cells transformed into Udumbara flowers and dispersed into glorious flames.

When I was a child, I often saw an elderly man and an elderly woman following me that other people couldn’t see. After I started to cultivate Falun Dafa, I saw them again when I did the sitting meditation. They looked very happy and content because I was practicing Falun Dafa. But after Master’s Fashen came, they left and I didn’t see them again.

One time after we did the fifth exercise for over an hour, I saw someone come. He wore ancient Chinese clothes and had black hair, looking the same as Master and very young. He sat in front of my wife and prepared to do something to my wife’s abdomen. I saw that Master’s Fashen was still above us emitting high-energy matter, so how come Master showed up at the same time? So I asked him, “Who are you?” He communicated with me telepathically to let me know that his name was Li Hongzhi. (Every time when I was not sure whether someone was Master, I asked them directly. If he really was Master, he would answer me with Master’s name.) Master then added, “It is too dark here,” while pointing to my wife’s abdomen. Then Master started to perform small hand signs towards my wife’s abdomen. But I couldn’t see that my wife’s abdomen was dark, so obviously it was because my cultivation level was limited.

It was true that my wife very often felt uncomfortable in her abdomen and it usually manifested as gynaopathy and barrenness. At the beginning, I thought that it might be because her Falun was getting deformed because I had seen several practitioners whose Faluns were deformed. Right at the moment when Master pointed to my wife’s abdomen, I saw that her abdomen and uterus became transparent. The bones and organs inside could be seen clearly and her Falun was beautiful and delicate. After Master performed some small hand signs, Master’s hands emitted very bright energy, which entered directly into my wife’s abdomen to do something for her. I couldn’t see clearly, but I knew the energy was tremendously powerful and bright. At that time, my wife moved her hands to Heshi and came out of concentration, so Master stopped and turned to me and started to do something to my chest. Maybe there was something wrong with my chest because occasionally I felt pain in my chest. I quickly told my wife to endure a little bit longer. She understood and entered into stillness again, and Master turned to her and continued to emit bright energy to her.

Afterwards, I saw Master take us up into the air. Our bodies became transparent such that I could hardly see them. After a while, Master took us back down to the ground.

Then I saw my dragon. He was stronger and bigger than before, floating all around the practice site while watching us. He moved freely and easily despite his huge size. His surface kept changing colors like Falun; most of the time he was golden or blue. Then the dragon transformed into me, and then back into the dragon, and then into another person.

That person had a very strong physique. I could tell he was full of valor and vigor. He looked about 25 years old and was wearing ancient Chinese clothes and was bare above the waist. He turned around and I saw some Chinese characters on his back that looked like they had been recently tattooed there. Since I didn’t know Chinese, I asked him why he had Chinese characters on his back. He said his mother gave them to him. I asked what they meant, and he said they meant to “guard the Central Plains” (he didn’t say to guard “China”). “What’s your name?,” I asked. But he didn’t answer. He was holding a long stick with one end like a spear with a red tassel. I didn’t know the name of the weapon, but I felt it was very powerful.

The young man then transformed back into the dragon, and then transformed into a younger version of me, thin but strong. Then he transformed back into the dragon, and once again back into the ancient person again. He kept transforming like this and I didn’t know what it meant; I didn’t know why he showed this to me. Maybe they wanted to send some messages to me and my wife? I felt I might have some special relationship with him.

At the end of the meditation, I saw the old couple again. They suddenly became young, and when they left, their cells transformed into Udumbara flowers and dispersed in the sky, just like Master’s Fashen had.

After we came out of concentration, I saw our bodies were still transparent like glass.

After that day, I saw pretty much the same things when I did the exercises from then on. The only difference was that when it was close to the end, my dragon, my wife, and I suddenly wore the same golden helmets and armor. Each of us carried a sword. The handle and the sheath of the sword were made of gold, but the body of the sword was made of energy. Each of us also carried a round badge in front of the chest. On the badge there were Chinese characters written in columns. There were two columns and a total of five or six characters. Although I was learning Chinese, I didn’t know what those characters meant. This scene was also seen when we did the exercises last time, but last time only my wife and I wore the armor. At the beginning, I couldn’t see the characters clearly. After I cultivated for some time, I started to be able to see them clearly.

What I described above was really limited due to my cultivation level. What Master has done for us is far beyond this description, as this was only what I could see. Now looking back at the personal interests in the human world, there is really nothing we should be attached to. When we think of those odd thoughts and ideas while doing the exercises, if we can think Master is beside us busy cleaning our bodies, giving us good things, then what things are worth thinking about? I do the exercises together with other practitioners. Perhaps they couldn’t see or feel these things. Maybe they didn’t think this way. But I saw with my own eyes that Master did all those things for them without asking for any payback. What Master gave us can’t be measured by money. Actually there is no way money could buy it; the high-energy matter is not in this dimension. It is so precious, and any master in other schools would not be able to give it. Our master gives this all to us without telling us and without asking us for our appreciation. It is absolutely free yet it is a priceless treasure. Master is just that great and unselfish. We must treasure and be grateful to everything that Master has done for us! Treasure Dafa and the opportunity to cultivate! Treasure every time when we do the exercises. We must control ourselves and enter into concentration when doing the exercises and must have a clear-head when studying the Fa. Falling short even a bit would mean falling short tremendously in other dimensions. Due to that bit shortage, we wouldn’t be able to see the inner meaning of the Fa. When I studied the Fa, every character had a Falun that flew out of the book. There is boundless inner meaning behind each character. I hope each practitioner respects Master and Dafa more. Along the path of assisting Master to rectify the Fa, we shall be more diligent, fulfill our historical mission, and mustn’t let sentient beings down.

(Please note the conversation mentioned in this article was originally all in English.)

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/9/26/61762.html


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