Wisdom of a Deity

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 5, 2001

I have realized that it is a manifestation of extremely high xinxing if a cultivator can at all times regard him/herself as a Dafa particle. At the same time it’s truly melting into Dafa. The ability to display a strong main consciousness to eradicate that part of oneself which has not yet assimilated the Fa is the manifestation of wisdom.

Cultivators are essentially completely different from ordinary people. Cultivators are already no longer human beings. Then how should we act? In our present realm, we must manifest the wisdom of a deity and use that deity’s wisdom at that level to rectify the Fa. We can not always use our human hearts to rectify the Fa. If we cannot manifest the wisdom of a deity, then we have not yet met the standard during Fa rectification. If we are unable to cultivate the things that we should have in our paradise, then the paradise is not complete. Doing one thing, using human hearts to do it, or using the wisdom of a deity, can bring different results. Only when we use the wisdom of a deity can we meet the standards and requirements; human hearts can only pull our cultivation and Fa rectification backward.

Many practitioners have also done a lot of work in the current Fa-rectification. However, many of us have been doing things with a human mindset and have not yet manifested the realm of a great deity. We have not yet looked at the issues of Fa-rectification from an overall high level. If it is done like this, isn’t it humans doing Fa-rectification work? Are we then able to meet Fa-rectification requirements?

Master said: “Cultivation practice itself is not difficult, upgrading the level itself is not difficult; it’s only hard to let go of this human heart, therefore it’s difficult.” (Zhuan Falun) If we can follow exactly the Fa Master has taught us, cultivation is actually not hard. Some practitioners were led by their human hearts and made mistakes, writing such so-called “pledges promising to give up practicing Falun Gong.” With his immense mercy, Master is being responsible for all sentient beings. He doesn’t want to leave one disciple behind; He is creating an immortal future for Dafa cultivators while at the same time, establishing our mighty virtue. The evil beings and evil old forces in the universe are trying to destroy cultivators and destroy all sentient beings. When we truly manifest the power of Fa and obtain the wisdom of Fa, all those old forces that are interfering with Fa- rectification and our cultivation will vanish like dust and smoke. There is no place for them in the future new cosmos; there is no position for them. They are instead the objects we will rectify. A Fa rectification disciple who is pure from his/her origin should rectify everything that is not righteous, including the old forces. What qualification do the old forces have to arrange tribulations for us?

Many practitioners have done extremely well in the past with hongfa activities and in clarifying the truth. Amidst the tribulations, however, they followed their human thoughts and feel regret about the guarantee statements they wrote. This type of interference has seriously influenced his/her cultivation from going forward. As cultivators we should never bend to the evil. We must completely eliminate all karma that interferes with our cultivators’ xinxing. Re-enter the Fa-rectification! Walk righteously, with your xinxing assimilated within the Fa, and be able to identify the evil’s damage!

Becoming open to the wisdom of a deity allows us to participate in the function of a Fa-rectification disciple during this time in history. Become a great Fa -rectification disciple, a God of the future universe at different levels! Acting from the human mentality can only interfere with our steps forward, or make us miss the opportunity to be a Fa-rectification disciple. No matter what we are doing for Fa-rectification, as a Fa-rectification disciple, we should manifest the wisdom of a deity and use that standard to rectify the Fa, to walk righteously on the last leg of our journey.

The above are just my personal understandings. Please point it out to me if there is anything improper.

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