Rectify the Fa from the Standpoint of a Divine Being: A Few Thoughts on PureInsight';s Fa Rectification

PureInsight | November 5, 2001

There are some practitioners who are still unclear about the important role the PureInsight website plays amidst Fa rectification. Some say that PureInsight’s function is to create the new civilization for future humanity, and that it is only targeted toward ordinary people. I believe that this is only part of its mission.

Master Li’s book Zhuan Falun is, on the surface, rectifying the Fa at the human level, but the boundless underlying meanings will rectify the entire universe. Relative to the entire cosmos, humankind is but one trivial layer out of many. The emphasis of Fa rectification is to rectify the old forces from high levels. As one of Dafa’s websites, the articles that PureInsight carries are, on the surface, straightening out deviations of mankind and opening up the most righteous human culture. However, the meaning behind every article is rectifying Fa at different levels of the universe. However high a Fa rectification disciple has cultivated, it is reflected by the range in the universe that his article can rectify. Therefore, we should open up our minds. Our human mentality is unable to comprehend the significance of every article that we write during Fa rectification process. Countless Buddha’s, Tao’s, and Gods are reading Dafa websites. If we write articles with our mindset at the level of an ordinary person, this will affect the degree of Fa rectification exerted by our articles in other dimensions.

The reason why evil beings dare to act violently is because deviations still exist. This is the root cause. Without deviations, evil loses its basis for survival. During this universal Fa rectification filled with battles between good and evil, there are still many deviant high-level beings in dimensions that have not been rectified who either express silent approval or assist evil beings to persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples. This is manifested in this world as people in Mainland China and other regions supporting the evil force or people staying silent to save themselves. If evil and deviation in higher realms are not eradicated, then no corresponding changes will occur in the human world.

These high level beings behave this way because they are blinded by their own deviation, unable to distinguish good from evil. We Fa rectification disciples should not stop at helping ordinary people understand the truth. Our target for clarifying the truth should also include these divine beings.

If we can utilize the righteous insight obtained from our cultivation in Dafa to point out the existence of the higher beings’ deviation, the evil force will be extinguished. “Indestructible righteous thoughts toward the cosmos' Truth form benevolent Dafa disciples' rock-solid, Vajra Bodies; they frighten all evil, and the light of Truth they emanate makes the unrighteous elements in all beings' thoughts disintegrate.” (Master’s comment on the article “Good People” –posted on PureInsight)

If we could illustrate at PureInsight our most righteous words and actions, our benevolence, kindness, purity and great forbearance, we will show these indifferent high-level beings Dafa’s grandeur and majesty, and the evil will melt away. Furthermore, PureInsight is creating the new culture for mankind. Then won’t cultivators who will attain different levels in the future be included? Of course the answer is yes, and our righteous beliefs and actions will be examples for those future practitioners.

If we could apply the wisdom endowed by Dafa to set straight the delusions held by these high level beings, so that they will realize the truth of Fa rectification, then they will not dare to interfere with Dafa. They will separate themselves from the evil force. In Zhuan Falun, Master Li talked about one case in which, when the snake spirit was eradicated, its deceived sisters and brothers all wanted to avenge it. But once Master Li illuminated the truth for them, the evil was instantly cut off and those sentient beings were saved.

If we could use our new thought process made possible by Dafa to help those divine beings from the old cosmos who are reluctant to assimilate to Dafa to understand that the new cosmos created by Dafa is much better than what they have at present, then they will willingly assimilate to Dafa. In chapter seven of Zhuan Falun, in the section under “Hospital Treatment and Qigong Treatment”, Master Li compared supernormal abilities with modern equipment. It was obvious that supernormal abilities were superior. Who would prefer those obsolete things? How many sentient beings will receive salvation if one divine being decides to assimilate to Dafa?

Fa rectification happens everywhere and in all directions, with high level and low level dimensions at the same time under one system. The human world is only one layer that we should consider. When we write, our minds should extend wider and not be limited to ordinary people. Otherwise, our thinking process will start from a human’s point of view, and we will only be using our physical bodies. Before writing, we should know what the function of the article is during the Fa rectification process, the range of deviation that we want to rectify, its significance in opening up the future, what there is for an ordinary person to see, and what there is for a divine being to comprehend. All of these questions should be addressed thoroughly first.

Let us help Teacher with our writing from the viewpoint of a divine being. “The firmament is seen from the micro and the macro in ten directions” (Hong Yin, “After Havoc”), let the principle of Dafa we enlightened to shine with brilliance amidst Fa rectification.

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