Who Controls Humans Lives?

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 5, 2001

Human beings do not really know who they are, neither do they know where things like their senses, reasoning, thoughts and characteristics come from. In fact, various living substances control both the thoughts and actions of human beings . Because of their blindness and ignorance, human beings think that these things are their fundamental or innate nature. They are being manipulated like puppets, but they do not know this. Human beings do not have any power and are controlled by these living substances. It is very difficult for human beings to see who they really are under these circumstances, so they blissfully sink into the maze and can hardly extricate themselves.

Dafa has brought wisdom that is higher than that of human beings to Dafa disciples. When we look at human beings from a higher level, everything becomes clear. The following is my understanding of human behaviors and a few different types of beings who are controlling humans.

During the process of a person’s life, an obvious power than can control him is called “time.” Its function is to spread things around. It rolls things up just like a scroll full of pictures. It does not let you see everything all at once. Instead, it gradually opens things up for you. Because of this, human beings can experience sunrise and sunset; or spring, summer, autumn and winter; and birth, aging, sickness and death. “Time” makes us think that a process is required to complete anything. In the unitary paradises of Buddhas, there are no beings such as “time” and “space” (they have a higher level of the concept of time there). Because of this, beings in such places can clearly see everything with just one glance. They can see the entire life of a human in front of them. It is just like a scroll of pictures that has been fully opened.

The being that is related to “time” is called “results.” It always makes its appearance at the end of a period of time, so human beings think that “results” are obtained through their effort and labor. The truth is that “results” is already there from the beginning. It is simply placed by “time” at the end. The “present” and the “future” are one body. They are simply being separated by “time.” Because of the effect of “time,” humans are deceived by delusions. It causes people to yearn for the future, become attached to the future, and become attached to the expectation of obtaining “results” and work hard for their future. The realms of us Dafa disciples are higher than the concept of “time” in the human world. We should not get attached to waiting for the moment when the Fa rectifies the Heaven and the Earth. Even in the amidst of the harsh “winter” of the Fa-rectification process, we are already in the “spring.” So when certain practitioners anxiously await the moment that the Fa rectifies everything, it is a human attachment, and these practitioners allow themselves be controlled by “time” in the Three Realms.

The being, “space,” penetrates to very high levels. Its manifestation in the human world is assigning a certain scope or a certain area to different kinds of beings. It is responsible for the human concepts of distance and so-called big or small. If a being can go beyond the restriction of “space,” it can fill everything. It can adopt a certain shape when it assembles itself and dissipate when it disperses. It has no concept of what is big or small, close or distant. Dafa disciples should not be controlled by the being “space” that is lower than their levels, no matter whether it is human space or space in other dimensions. When we send forth righteous thoughts, our energy potency can fill everywhere and every segment within the Three Realms, encompassing all of it and leaving out none. All of the evil forces can be eliminated. The small prison cell is also a restriction and persecution of Dafa disciples by “space.” Dafa disciples also need to rectify “space” in the human world. Any “space” cannot restrict Dafa disciples from rectifying the Fa. No “space” within the Three Realms is qualified to restrict and persecute Dafa disciples. Dafa disciples should not have the concept of a prison cell. We should stop quietly accepting the deviation and restriction of “space.” A prison cell should be reserved for evil beings.

The being, “suffering,” can eliminate karma, paying off the debts that people owe. He also warns and urges people not to do bad deeds. His main manifestation is bringing catastrophes and disease, among other things, to humans, and enabling people to repay their karma. Nowadays, “suffering” is a deviated being. He is interfering with the Fa-rectification process as he brings tribulations to Dafa disciples. He uses suffering to destroy Dafa disciple’s will and creates all sorts of tribulations, while tolerating and even encouraging bad people. When we have the feeling of pain and suffering, this being is precisely responsible for it. In such a situation, we should send out righteous thought immediately to eliminate it, and do not let him have any negative influence.

The being that is often with “suffering” is “fear.” This being is at a very low level. But the consequences that it brings are very severe. Its effects are felt behind “imagination” and “suffering.” It makes people fear this or that. “Suffering” and “fear” are both deviated beings. Being controlled by the high level evil forces, they spend more time attacking kindness and righteousness rather than evil. Its manifestation can be readily seen in the human world. It seems that kind people are always more timid than bad people. Those kind rabbits always seem to live in fear.

Fa-rectification disciples are higher-level gods. We are not in the process of individual cultivation any more. We have the duty and ability to correct the deviation in all lower-level beings. We should eliminate the thought that we have no choice but to passively accept “suffering” and “fear.” We should not treat them as something we have to bear starting from the moment that we were first born. The truth is that they are both extraneous beings that are only effective against us because we allow them to do so and because we accept their actions. Whenever the notion of “fear” appears in my mind, I immediately send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it or send it back to the evil people. I even do my best to send the “fear” of my fellow practitioners back to the evil people. That is the place where “fear” should take effect. We should treat “suffering” the same way. We should definitely not allow it to interfere with the course of the Fa-rectification. It is the evil beings that should suffer. When the bad people hit Dafa disciples with electric batons, the “electric shock” should be returned to the bad people. The bad people should go to jail and endure the persecution that they have forced Dafa disciples to endure. Let’s completely rectify “suffering.” In the future, “suffering” should be a rectified being.

The being, “doubt,” also interferes with us a lot. Sometimes we do not know why we doubt our own abilities. That is when we have fallen into the traps of this being. Ancient people were very honest and trustworthy. They believed in gods, so they could see gods. The paintings of the paradises of the West and the wall paintings of the paradises of the East all depicted what the ancient people really saw. None of it was “imagination.” When we do not believe ourselves and have no confidence in ourselves, we are being constrained by this being called “doubt.” He is not anything that is naturally a part of us. It is a being that controls people from an external place. This being has become very strong in ordinary human society. It stops people from developing righteous beliefs in Dafa, and effectively limits the usage of our supernormal abilities. “Doubt” should be on the list of beings that need to be eliminated. We should do our best to eradicate the obstruction caused by this being, and use our strongest supernormal abilities to eliminate the evil and rectify the Fa.

The being, “imagination,” also plays a negative role today. “Imagination” itself is used to confuse people. It is not a true manifestation of the cosmos. It is the result of groundless deduction and hypothesis. It is highly touted by today’s science. It seems that many inventions or discoveries were a result of “imagination.” The truth is that it was not responsible for them. In fact, other beings are responsible for them. “Imagination” gives people a false impression that all these things came from “imagination.” It actually makes people think of all sorts of things, which are all non-existent delusions. It is constructed from the false principles and recollections that people have added in their brains through their daily interactions with society. “Imagination” then randomly combines these things and forms different permutations. “Imagination” significantly interferes with today’s Fa rectification. It makes us imagine things such as being arrested, being beaten, and being followed and how powerful the evil is. It makes us imagine how ordinary people could not understand us and how hard it is to tell the truth to them. It even manufactures imaginary conflicts among practitioners to cause confusion. We should eliminate the notion of “imagination” from our minds. We need to use the most righteous things obtained from our cultivation to rectify those non-righteous things. Instead of “imagining” a future filled with false principles, we need to use the righteous thoughts of gods to create a most righteous future.

The being that is connected with “imagination” is “logic.” He is at a very low level. Modern science has placed it on a pedestal. But people know that all the important inventions of human beings are brought on by “inspiration.” That is to say that they were really handed down by high-level beings to humans. “Logic” only creates a “reasonable” explanation to make people believe it. “Logic” only applies itself within a narrow range. He knows only that 1 + 1 = 2. But there are many situations where one plus one does not equal two. Many results obtained from “logical deduction” are actually false. Whenever the results are not “logical,” they are coined with the phase “random occurrence.” Dafa disciples should not fall into the trap of “logic.” Based on certain phenomenon, if we deduce how we are going to be persecuted, we would become trapped by these deviated, false principles. The “definite” result of human action is in fact, the will of higher-level beings. “Logic” and “imagination” cannot imagine what would be imagined and do not obey a “logic” of a higher level, nor do they know what can actually happen. They are limited by their low-level nature.

“Tranquility” is a great being. He can bring people the truth of the universe. When we look back at the ancient sages, all the wise men obtained wisdom and truth from reaching tranquil states. The wisdom of modern everyday people cannot begin to compare against their wisdom. The ancient Chinese knew the great results that “tranquility” could bring, so the whole society was in a “tranquil” state. Teacher said, “Tranquil but think not, Mystical wonders will come out” (“In the Dao” from Hongyin, Teacher's poetry collection). In his article “Towards Consummation,” Teacher also said, “study the Fa every day with a calm mind.” I feel that the inner meaning of “tranquility” is very big. “Imagination,” something that is highly touted by modern people today, is the opposite of “tranquility” and actually goes against the truth. All the things that people have imagined are false principles and interference from other beings towards humans.

The beings of “fame” and “profit” both fall under the category of “cravings.” One of the abilities of these two beings is to bring people a false sense of happiness. We think they have brought the happiness to us. The truth is, that it is not the case at all. They can only exchange happiness using our de. They won’t give us anything without the exchange of de. For example, a person has “fame,” such as being a high ranking official or a great scientist. But if nobody praises him, flatters him, admires him, it is as if nothing has happened and he would not have felt any happiness. In the case of an extremely wealthy person, if people in the outside world do not compare themselves against him or envy him, there is no reason for him to feel happy over his wealth. But if he has lost all his de and suffers from a serious disease, no matter how much money he has, he cannot enjoy it. Real happiness in life comes from deep inside your heart. It is the kind of happiness that can fill your entire body and heart, and does not come externally. It is contained in the origin of our life, and can’t be brought on by “fame” and “profit.” The happiness brought by “fame” and “profit” is superficial. These two beings confuse people a lot.

“Selfishness” penetrates to very high levels in the universe. But he also has limited ability. He is confined by his own selfishness and sets up boundaries with other beings. He only operates under a small confinement, and does not have the breadth and depth of “selflessness.” If a being is not contaminated by “selfishness” but instead embraces “selflessness,” he has brought so many beautiful things into his own life. “Selflessness” is closer to the characteristic of the universe—truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.

A lot of “natural” feelings that people have are also brought on by other beings. The tastes of “sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty” and the love between a man and a woman are considered things that are essential to human beings. But when a cultivator jumps out of these attachments and takes another look at human beings, he realizes that people feel very “happy” with their own lives even though they are controlled by other lives. They think that they are doing these things themselves. How would they know that they are being controlled by these beings behind them? During a certain period of cultivation, some practitioners do not think it is salty even if they grab a fistful of salt and put it into their mouth. It is because this being called “saltiness” no longer controls them.

Dafa particles are gods that are higher than human beings. We should not be controlled by these lower level beings anymore. When we get rid of the restriction of lower substances that are deviated, we have returned to our purest origin of “truthfulness, compassion and tolerance,” and only that is our true self.

In fact, human beings can control nothing. The only thing that they do control is to make their own choice. From the highest level to the lowest level of the cosmos, beings can only give and cannot ask for anything in return. “Cultivation depends on one’s own effort, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” What can we cultivate by ourselves? Without Teacher, we have nothing. The only thing that we can do is to choose a heart that cherishes kindness and wants to return to its original, true self. Everything is done by Teacher and we have nothing but a heart that tends to be good to return us back to the origin. Everything is done and given to us by Teacher.

No words can begin to describe the gratitude that we feel toward our great and benevolent Teacher for everything that he has given us.

The above is only my limited understanding as I journey back to my original, true self. I humbly ask for corrections from all fellow practitioners.

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