To Rectify the ";Internet Police";

A Fa-Rectification Disciple

PureInsight | November 5, 2001

Breaking through the information blockade imposed by the evil and sending materials to clarify the truth about Dafa to Mainland China is a very urgent history-making assignment for us Fa-rectification disciples. But in order to do what we are supposed to do well, we truly have to abandon our human ways of thinking.

Right now, I am emailing truth-clarifying materials to China. But the evil has used villains in the human world to install “Internet Police” programs in an attempt to stop people from finding out the truth. I would like to share my thoughts and understandings on the “Internet Police.”

Heaven gives power to the police. Their role is to stop evil and protect good people. Why have they become bandits who help the tyrant commit evil deeds? If we think that the function of the “Internet Police” is to prevent people from learning the truth about Dafa and manipulate the good people, then, in our minds, have we not pushed it to the side opposite from Dafa and gone along with the idea that it is being controlled by evil? Based on that premise, once we accept that it is on the side of evil, how are we going to break through it? Dafa has created everything, and everything exists because of Dafa and should be used for Dafa. The “Internet Police” should work for Dafa and suffocate the evil.

All of the substances in the human world are actually very weak. In my eyes, they are just moving molecules and atoms, and not rigid, immobile objects. The directions of their movements can be changed, and are controlled by living beings that have been interjected among them in other dimensions. The same thing applies for iron cages, handcuffs and prisons. Then the movement of the molecules and atoms that make up the “Internet Police” can also be changed. Why is that, when Dafa material is sent through, this bunch of molecules and atoms rush over to block the way? It is because of the evil beings that have been interjected into this mass of substance. These evil beings exist on a more microscopic level, so they have the power to control the low-level substances in the human world. Once the evil at the microscopic level is removed and replaced with righteous and pure content, its surface substance will work for Dafa. Whenever the truth clarifying materials of Dafa come through, it will let them pass. Whenever the evil materials come through, it will block them. Once I was enlightened to this principle, I started to send forth the following righteous thoughts, “Eliminate all the evil behind the Internet Police that is persecuting Dafa, encompassing all of it and leaving out none of it. Blocking Dafa truth-clarifying material can not be excused. Everything exists for Dafa, and should be used for Dafa. The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated.” As soon as I did that, the percentage of my email getting through immediately jumped up.

Through this, I have gained a deeper understanding of the importance of sending forth righteous thought during our current cultivation. The substances on the surface are all very weak. All the things that are used to persecute Dafa, including the “Internet Police”, cages, handcuffs, and prisons, might appear to be strong and impenetrable on the surface. But the reason that we think like that is that we are being deceived by our human concepts. During the last hundreds upon thousands of years, our eyes and our daily lives in human world have formed the idea that objects are motionless, static, impassable, and unchangeable. Actually everything is created by Dafa, and should be used by Dafa. If we can change our way of thinking, stop treating ourselves as people who can be constrained by everything, and think of ourselves as solemn Fa-rectification gods who can control ourselves as well as everything else, then we can control these superficial substances.

Some practitioners are trying to break through the information blockade with many different kinds of computer-based techniques. This is another part of it, and is done on the level of human beings. They are using the wisdom given to them by Dafa to look for loopholes in the evil barricade in the human world and create a new path to enable truth-clarifying material to get through the blockade. We should work on this at each and every level. But we should not neglect the elimination of the evil in higher dimensions that is manipulating the Internet. Otherwise, we are using only our physical bodies and limbs to do Dafa work.

To break through the information blockade, we should abandon another human notion. Rectifying the “Internet Police” is not a task limited to a small percentage of disciples who are computer experts. This work needs the support of more disciples. Even though the number of disciples involved in this effort is relatively small, they are sending truth-clarifying materials to millions or even tens of millions of people, including our fellow practitioners in China. These disciples are doing the work required at the human level. But to eliminate the evil at the microscopic levels and ensure the materials get passed through is not their job alone. It needs help and effort from more disciples. Many disciples don’t know how to use computers, and don’t know how to participate in the Fa-rectification mission of “breaking through the information blockade.” The reason they feel this way is that they are obstructed by their human ways of thinking. With a single righteous thought of “Using any method to interfere with the transmission of Dafa truth-clarifying information through the Internet is not allowed,” numerous copies of truth-clarifying materials might be able to arrive in Mainland China. Our disciples in China might also be able to use the Internet safely because of it. These things can not be seen with human eyes. Our human notions might be interfering with Fa rectification

The above is my personal experience. I wrote it down to serve as a resource for other practitioners. If there is anything incorrect, please point it out to me.

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