Send Forth Righteous Thoughts with a Clear Mind

A practitioner in China

PureInsight | January 14, 2011

[] Today I discussed with a fellow practitioner about sending forth righteous thoughts. Regarding her physical condition, she said, “I have benevolently resolved those that should be benevolently resolved. I have also eliminated those that should be eliminated. But the situation still did not improve and I do not know what to do.” This practitioner started to practice Dafa in 1996 and she has been determined in cultivation. However, she coughs every winter and sometimes the coughing is so severe that it lasts the whole night. She tried to improve the situation, but there was no breakthrough. She was puzzled and did not know what to do. When other practitioners reminded her to look within, she always said she had poor enlightenment quality. As time continued, we tended to accept it and were not worried about it anymore.

Then, I thought of something and asked her, “In your mind, are you clear why you wanted to benevolently resolve them, and why you wanted to eliminate them?” She thought a while and said, “Not really. I just have been doing that.” Her words surprised me. When someone is sending forth righteous thoughts, if that person does not really understand what he or she is doing, what kind of effect will it have? When thinking about this further, I realized there were many situations like this. For example, even including myself, are there times that we just do things following others without thinking about it deeply? Very often, we simply took things for granted and did not make judgments according to the Fa. This is indeed serious.

We need to cultivate with a clear mind and with rationality, and we also need to do so when sending forth righteous thoughts. This requires us to have a good understanding of the Fa. For example, we should be clear why we need to send forth righteous thoughts and how to send forth righteous thoughts. Similarly, on the issue of benevolently resolving things, we also need to know why and how to do it. At my level, my understanding of a benevolent resolution for sentient beings is as following: First, it is the Fa that Master told us, which reflects his boundless compassion and utmost wisdom. Secondly, it is a tool that Master has given us to save sentient beings and establish mighty virtue. Thirdly, we should be aware that the elements that need to be benevolently resolved come from karma we created in previous lives, and it is only possible to do this because we are Dafa disciples with a sacred mission that is beyond personal cultivation. Therefore, we have to do it out of a sincere heart that truly wants to remedy our wrongdoings and, by stepping further, to save those beings.

Above are my personal understandings at my level. Please point out anything inappropriate.


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