My Miraculous Experiences When Watching Shen Yun and Selling Shen Yun Tickets

A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | January 14, 2011

[] I wanted to share with everyone some of the amazing things I have experienced recently while attending our Shen Yun performances. I share these experiences with the hope that it will encourage other practitioners to be more diligent in promoting Shen Yun and put greater effort into becoming one body.

After watching the performance in Westchester, I had the feeling that there is some similarity between what ordinary people go through when they watch Shen Yun to what practitioners used to experience in Mainland China when they attended Master’s 9-day lectures. Although, it is not really comparable, but on some level I sensed a similarity.

While watching the show, I could see Falun and Master’s Fashen throughout the theater purifying people’s bodies to the extent that each person could accept the righteous elements of the show. I saw that Master’s Fashen and other righteous Gods were examining people’s thoughts and assessing how much they could accept. I could also see that people’s futures were being completely changed, with some of them who were headed for elimination, now being counted as the ones who would enter the future. I could also see that some would have the potential to become God’s in the future if they would go on to promote the show to their friends and family. For some, the energy was too great for them and due to the discomfort some would leave the show early. Truly the scene in other dimensions was wonderful and too amazing to put into words.

I also wanted to share with everyone some of my understandings about why we are having difficulty selling all the tickets for our shows. Lets think about it. We have around 16,000 tickets to sell, but if you count all the people who are in New York City during a weekday it is around 10 million people. How can we not save such a small percentage of people? Master has already told us that there are a certain percentage of people destined to be saved. Why can we not reach even 0.1% of them?

It is my understanding that, to a large extent, our difficulty comes from the thoughts of practitioners in our own area—the negative thoughts that still exist in us related to Shen Yun. For instance thoughts such as: the tickets are too expensive, there are too many tickets for us to sell, people today are not interested in Chinese dance, I am not worthy of saving sentient beings, I am not worthy of promoting Shen Yun. All these type of negative thoughts need to be eliminated completely! It is my understanding that this is one of the greatest excuses the old forces use to stop us from selling out all of our shows. I have seen that many old force gods exist and hide in the dimensions where these thoughts exist. The old forces can see these thoughts very clearly and to them they believe these thoughts just have to go. According to the old cosmos’s laws they believe they are justified in doing this. It is precisely because of these thoughts many righteous Buddhas, Taos and Gods are restrained from doing anything because they too see these thoughts existing within us.

Although we may say that we don’t have any of these negative thoughts, are we really looking within on a very deep level to see if they exist? We talk about looking within but do we really do that? The old forces can see it so clearly within us, even if you cannot recognize them. Any negative thought related to promoting Shen Yun or selling tickets for Shen Yun must be eliminated immediately.

Many practitioners still do not realize just how powerful their own thoughts are or the effect their thoughts are having. Every practitioner has many sentient beings connected to them that they are suppose to save. However, when practitioners have these unrighteous thoughts the old forces take that as an opportunity and an excuse to persecute those sentient being related to you. They make them miss seeing our advertisements, make them too busy to see our show, make them become sick right before our show. They stop at nothing to block your sentient beings from attending…

Some practitioners have asked why is it that we cannot stop the snowstorms from coming to interfere with our performances? It should only take one Dafa Disciple to completely eliminate any old force god who dares to interfere with Shen Yun. Then why is this still an issue? It is my understanding that when some practitioners send forth righteous thoughts, they absolutely do completely eliminate all the unrighteous elements in the dimensions connected to them. However, I have seen that some old force gods avoid being eliminated by slipping into dimensions connected to a practitioner who has a poor understanding about the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts, is in a poor cultivation state or is not actively participating in sending forth righteous thoughts. When they go into that dimension, the first practitioner’s Gong cannot reach them. Some practitioners have thoughts such as, “I don’t have any supernormal abilities,” or they believe too strongly in everyday peoples ability to predict the weather. These thoughts restrain their abilities from eliminating these old forces. It is not that we as practitioners do not have the ability to eliminate these old force gods, it is our own practitioners themselves allowing them to still exist and cause interference. I am not trying to talk badly about any practitioner since I see this shortcoming in myself. However, I think this needs to be brought out into the open since it is sentient beings lives at stake. We must all take this very seriously.

I want to finish my sharing with an experience I had once while doing the fifth exercise. I know many practitioners are going through some difficult times or experiencing severe interference, so I share this in the hope that it might help them overcome their tribulations.

One day while sitting in meditation I found myself in another dimension. In that dimension I was also sitting in the lotus position meditating. I saw several high level old force gods had come down and surrounded me. They were flying around me somewhat aggressively. I could sense that they had not only come to seriously interfere with me, but they had come to completely eliminate me and drag me down to hell. I was taken back and somewhat frightened.

One of them said to me in a loud voice, “You are unworthy of saving sentient beings. You have so many shortcomings and have failed so many tests!” I looked at him, nodded my head and said, “You may be right but I know something.”

He then said in a loud voice, “What do you know?” I said, “I know who Master Li Hongzhi is. I know what Master Li is doing. And I know who I am!”

With that the old force gods seemed very moved and one of them came right up in front of my face and said very angrily, “Who are you?” I gathered all the strength I had, stood up and said, “I am a Dafa Disciple! Master Li Hongzhi is my Master! And I am here to assist Master Li in Fa Rectification!”

Immediately, all of the old forces froze and within a second they completely disappeared. Then the ground began to shake and beautiful flowers began to rise out of the ground everywhere. Light filled the sky and the whole area became peaceful and wonderful. I knew in my heart that this dimension had been rectified…

After that I understood something. We must be clear on the big picture and what we are doing. We must come to understand that we are here to save sentient beings and assist Master in Fa Rectification. This time is not about our personal cultivation and the old forces are unworthy of playing any role in our cultivation. Master is directing our cultivation and he alone has that right. This is our time, not the old forces time! Let us use this time to save as many sentient beings as possible.

These are only my limited understandings.


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