A New Version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’


PureInsight | April 13, 2011

[PureInsight.org] Alice, a student of mine, is a beautiful and quiet girl. Her Chinese name is Mengyuan (a dream in realization). We came to know each other three years ago. Back then, I said to her, “Alice was a girl who liked to dream. That is why I would recommend it as your English name.”

One day, early in the spring semester last year, Alice told me, “I had a long dream last night and I’d like to share it with you. Do you have a minute?” I smiled at her and nodded. Alice continued, “I’ve had this dream many times and it has always been very clear, just like it was real. I’ve never experienced this in the past.” She then told me her dream and it took her an hour to finish. I was amazed after hearing it and asked her to share the dream with the entire class the next day. Then, I wrote it down:

The Heavenly World

I was sitting on a cloud and the cloud was as soft as velvet. Then I saw our teacher in a white dress, wearing golden curly hair, much more beautiful than she is right now. Later, I saw our Chinese language teacher (also a young Dafa practitioner). Then a transparent glass door appeared, on which there was a golden button. The language teacher pressed the button and the door opened. Inside there were many gods, all in long, white robes and sitting on giant lotus flowers. Then three giant gods came. As one of them pointed to far away, a long ladder appeared leading to the sky. Following the giant god, we stepped on the ladder and, at the end of the ladder, we saw a door. On the door, there were three gold and shining words, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.” We flew inside and found it was very big and very beautiful over there. I would call it a paradise. There were many palaces and each of them was as big as the earth. I could see the roof of the palace, but was unable to reach it no matter how high I flew. On the palace pillars were engraved godly images, which, to us, are probably more valuable than gems. In the paradise, there were big, beautiful gardens that had soft, colorful flowers. There, even the bees and the springs could talk. The paradise was magnificent and it had a fragrance that does not exist in the human world. Interestingly, there is no sun in that space; instead every object emits light. The light is real, but not glaring. More surprisingly, all the students of our teacher—including some that I am not familiar with—were here and we lived together like a family. We were all very young, like teenagers, and were very beautiful. Plus, our character and hearts were assimilated to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. We lived together in peace with friendship.

The Tests for Gods

We lived like this for about one hundred million years. Then one day, a giant god came, asking us if we wanted to raise our levels. We all said yes. The giant god led us across a glass door into another dimension. We continued to walk and saw a big dark cave. Then, a disaster happened and a tornado blew towards us from the dark cave. We immediately ran away, but the cave followed us, closer and closer. The language teacher picked a big leaf from a tree nearby and threw it into the cave. It was a big leaf, as big as a house. However, the cave became even bigger and soon came close to our feet. By then, we were astonished to find that the cave was connected to hell and we could even see scary scenes, such as a mountain of swords and a sea of fire. Then a line of words appeared at the cave opening, “One of you has to be sacrificed to save the group.” Without hesitation, the language teacher jumped in. Before we could express sorrow, within a second the cave disappeared. Then, the language teacher showed up in front of us again, and he appeared more dignified and handsome—even his clothes became more beautiful. The giant god then appeared again. He smiled at us and said, “You have done very well and passed the test.” Now we knew it was a test, so we were all relieved.

Then the second test came. We went to another place where there was a heavenly prison. Adam and Eve were doing hard work in rags in the prison. In front of the door there were two trees: one was silver and the other one black. There were copper statues of human beings on both trees: good people on the silver tree and bad ones on the black tree. The god asked us if we wanted to rescue Adam and Eve, who had been punished there for a long time. We said yes. He told us to take the statue for Mao Zedong from the black tree and throw it into the heavenly prison. We did what he said. Adam and Eve then immediately came out, while Mao started to do hard work there. The god then asked us to take all the statues from the black tree and throw them into the heavenly prison. In this way, the bad people were punished.

The Mission of the Gods

We then began a new life and everybody was happy. One day, we were tested on a giant lotus flower: whoever had a heart lacking compassion, or had been contaminated with impurity—even a little bit—could drop from the flower, and down to the human world to suffer. None of us usually fell down, except a naughty girl. She dropped and reincarnated into a boy in our class, still very naughty. The boy is in danger and only by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance can he return. We also saw the reincarnation of Jesus, who came to the human world not because of impurity, but to fulfill a mission. After he came down from the lotus flower, we immediately saw a giant transparent, quartz mirror, which displayed his whole life: his birth in a manger, traveling as a missionary, and being nailed onto the cross. He then came back after fulfilling his mission. It took several decades in the human world, while it only seemed several minutes in that dimension.

Then we went to another place, where there was a big book. The book has everyone’s statue, a three-dimensional one. The first half of the book has records for everyday people, who either went to heaven or to hell. The second half has the records for us gods, who either return to the heavens if they cultivate well or are unable to return if they do not cultivate well. I tried to memorize the missions of various people, but was able to recall only several of them: some to tell others to believe in gods, some to tell others to forebear, and some to bring happiness to people, etc.

All those gods who had missions descended to the human world. Their memories were wiped clean and their powers were lost.

Last year, I had part of the dream again. Interestingly, when the dream was finished and I was half awake, someone constantly told me, “Please come back soon and come back to the heavens.” The voice repeated itself several times before it disappeared.

Alice finished her story and the class was very quiet. Nobody said anything: even the naughtiest boy was calm. Then Alice raised her hand. I asked her what happened. She said in tears, “I felt very bad because many people on the earth had missions, and they will not be able to return if they don’t fulfill their missions.” “As long as we all memorize the most important words—‘Falun Dafa is good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ we will be able to return,” I said and looked at each student with confidence and high expectations. They were all very serious. Then a boy raised his hand and said, “I saw something mysterious. When Alice was telling her dream, I saw the test she mentioned. We took down all the statues from the black tree and threw them in the heavenly prison. But there was still one left and it was for Jiang xx. I asked the god if I could take it off and he said yes. I put all my effort, but still could not take it off. When I asked the god why, he said because the time was not over yet.”

The students in the class were not surprised by the story. They all listened attentively as if the entire class lived in another dimension. Feeling that their hearts were very pure, I asked them to share what was on their minds. One boy said, “It seems to me the gods have come to our classroom and live together with us.” All of the students thought the dream was a real story. A boy, who was usually very naughty, said to us, “I hope everybody can remember ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ so that we can all return to the heavens.” I was deeply touched by his words.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/3/24/72994.html


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