Coming Back to Life from Death

Jinglian, a practitioner in Dezhou City

PureInsight | April 6, 2011

[] Another practitioner died recently due to illness karma. With sadness, I recalled the events that happened to me ten years ago when I was on the verge of death.

I began to cultivate in 1996 and all the illnesses I had were gone soon afterwards. After the persecution started in 1999, Master was defamed and we practitioners were mistreated. I was arrested in late 2000 for practicing Falun Gong and then sent to the Wangcun Labor Camp with a three-year term.

At Wangcun Labor Camp, I was forced to do extended slave labor as well as to sit on a stool for long periods of time without moving. In addition, I was forced to watch videos that slandered Master and defamed Dafa. These attempts to transform me hurt me severely, both physically and mentally. After being subjected to slave labor for one year, I felt very bad and very weak. The labor officials then sent me to a hospital for examination. However, they did not dare tell me the examination results, but hurriedly sent me back to Dezhou City. They then told my husband, “Please take her to a hospital for examination and send the results to the labor camp.”

The next day, my husband took me to a nearby hospital for examination. From both the front and side scan results, my entire lungs seemed deteriorated. The doctor concluded that I had late-stage lung cancer.

My husband asked, “How long does my wife have left to live?” Looking at the picture of the lung tumor, the doctor said in a low voice, “About two weeks.” My husband was silent and he wanted to cry. After being subjected to one year of forced labor, his happy and healthy wife became a severely ill patient who would die soon.

The doctor asked, “Do you need a prescription?” My husband looked at him blankly, speechless. I gathered my energy and shook my head. What was the purpose of taking medicine, especially for someone who could live only two more weeks?

That was December 17, 2001 (Lunar Calendar), 13 days away from the Chinese New Year.

After returning home, I picked up a Dafa book and held it tight. Looking at Master’s picture, I said, “Master, I am not attached to this physical body. However, I will feel bad if I leave early before reaching consummation. Plus, upon hearing of the death of a Dafa practitioner, it will not be good for people around me. Please help me.”

After doing this, I felt relieved and simply waited for Master’s arrangement without worries. Thinking my husband was only in his 50s, if he remarries, his new wife may dislike my belongings. So I collected all my clothes and burned them one by one, only leaving the ones I was wearing and some for changing. The burning of my clothes was slow and it took three days.

Then, I felt exhausted on the fourth day, as if I had not had a rest or slept for many days. I was lying in bed and could not open my eyes. Sometimes, I wanted to vomit, but could not move, my husband helped me to the bathroom and I vomited a lot, all black substances. This lasted three days, and during those days I did not eat anything. By then, I felt my stomach was totally empty and there was nothing left. Then, on December 28, I began to have a fever, which lasted two days. On December 30—about the death date that the doctor had predicted, I recovered from the fever and felt very well, as if I had not been ill at all. Moreover, I was very energetic, so I began to do all kinds of housework. Also, from that day, I began to recite the Fa and transcribe the Fa. Ten years have passed since then, and I have been living a happy and healthy life. Master saved me and gave me a second life.

Cultivation is serious and we must have righteous thoughts, without hesitation. “When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide.” (Hong Yin Vol. II)


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