Breaking Through the Maze

A Dafa Practitioner in Mainlan

PureInsight | October 29, 2001

Recently I met several practitioners who persisted in doing the exercises and studying the Fa and did a lot of Dafa work everyday. But they felt that they had not achieved any improvement in their understandings toward Dafa and Fa-rectification cultivation. Some said that Teacher had told us everything and we just need to follow Teacher’s words; others believed it was important to elevate themselves, but could not enlighten to how to achieve that and did not know what more they could do. Many felt that they had made very little progress in their own cultivation recently.

“Things of ancient past, Create people in maze” (Hongyin, “Looking Back”) “Cultivating the Heart, severing desires, and discarding attachments; When lost in tribulations blame heaven” (Hongyin, “Who Dares to Give up the Heart of an Everyday Person”).

The reason for all of this is that we are lost in the maze at different levels.

Teacher mentions “maze” many times; “lost in the maze” “Cultivating in the Maze” “ Dafa clears up Confusion (Maze)”. I found that this “maze” is also a kind of material entity, which exists everywhere at all levels. All beings are within it. On the level of ordinary people, beings here can only see things in this dimension. However, beings in other dimensions can only see things in the dimensions of the same levels or below.

Because of this maze, worldly people cannot see the truth of the universe so as to suffer in the maze. Because of the existence of this maze, cultivators have to enlighten to righteousness to reach consummation. This maze penetrates the cultivation path from the beginning to the end. It blocks the wisdom of a cultivator at different levels and impedes our further understanding of the Fa. It is a barrier for Xinxing improvement.

This maze is a product of the old universe. On the human level, the evil forces fabricate facts and spread rumors to reinforce the density and thickness of it. It deceives and confuses worldly people, and keeps them away from knowing the truth. In this maze ordinary people were unknowingly led by the evil forces to total destruction.

As for the Fa-rectification cultivation, it produces the difficulties for practitioners to realize the nature of the evil. It is difficult for practitioners to see the true face of those evils in different dimensions, thus it plays a role to impede the progress of Fa-rectification.

“How could worldly humans know the reason; Those who cultivate Dao can understand the puzzle.” (Hongyin, “Demonic Change”) Only by clearing up the maze could our cultivation be possibly improved, levels upgraded, and wisdom be freed. Then we can see through the endless and boundless world.

“A Dafa disciple completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces.” (“Dafa is Indestructible”)

Many practitioners look inside only when facing big problems. As for those small conflicts and trivial problems, we did not pay enough attention to understand them. We ignored them and thus lost an opportunity to look inside and improve Xinxing. Then we were lost in this maze.

Teacher said, “right now everything in the Three Realms exists for Dafa.” (“What Are Supernormal Abilities”) On very high levels, goodness and viciousness, righteousness and evil are just one thought different. A very tiny difference could be the manifestation of different responses on very high levels. To start from those tiny “single thoughts”, look inside to find our problems, and behave ourselves according to Dafa standards, is to clear up the maze. This is also to improve to higher and more microscopic levels.

Only by clearing up the maze can worldly people become clear-minded and clarification of the truth more effective. As Dafa practitioners, we need to study the Fa more to improve our Xinxing. “ To clear illusions, go to higher places.” (Hongyin, “Illusions”)

I feel it is difficult to express my ideas through writing. Here is a question to help convey my understanding.

Teacher said in “What Are Supernormal Abilities”, “The future of the cosmos that beings at different levels have seen actually does not exist and is an illusion.” However, the persecution by the evil force and all that Dafa practitioners are doing for Dafa are real. How does one understand that?

October 13, 2001

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