Some Thoughts on the Way Back to My True Self

A Russian Practitioner

PureInsight | October 29, 2001

The Fa-rectification environment overseas has changed significantly compared to one year ago. We have learned to use Fa to eliminate our distorted notions and establish correct understanding. We have used our righteous thoughts to cleanse our environment and eliminate the evil, and thus have improved ourselves and the Fa-rectification environment. We have also improved our ability to handle the challenges. Our Teacher has lifted us up and put us into a new chapter in the journal of returning to our true selves. With the progress of Fa-rectification process, we are changing on a daily basis.

How should we enter the new cultivation period, and view our achievements?

Everyday people like to look back and repeat what they have done. This was imposed on humans by the old forces because they did not want their own system to be challenged and destroyed. They have manipulated human history and influenced human minds. Humans were confined to a narrow material space to repeat the cycles of their lives. But we cultivators can traverse multiple spaces. Before we have become enlightened at that level, we cannot image how vast that space is. What we have enlightened to at a level only belongs to that level and space. Therefore, after we have gone through a period completely, all we have obtained should be left to the past. Our summarizing our past is not to simply repeat it but to verify a deeper truth. We shall constantly rise to a higher level. In order to enlighten to the ultimate truth, we shall not stagger, even for a second, before our consummation. That is because there are many obstacles on our way to consummation, and we are required to walk through without any attachments, even at the moment of consummation.

Now looking at ourselves, we have many problems. The arrangements by the old forces are only partially recognized, and the evils have too many chances to take advantage of us. Our righteous thoughts have not yet developed their full power due to our own cultivation levels, and we have not completely eliminated the evil.

We should do better, and quickly meet the requirement of the new level. Thus, many fellow practitioners believe that we shall break the arrangement of the old forces and overcome the obstacles that they have created in our truth telling to the government, the media and the public. We need to put Fa study as our first priority during our cultivation, and renew each of our cells and eliminate all impure substances, not to leave a chance for the evil to take advantage of, not even a single cell.

When we have interference, we shall firstly search internally to find our weakness and bring it up, and secondly send out righteous thoughts to eliminate it.

Being a practitioner, we all have our own Dafa work destined for us to do. The skills that we have acquired and what we have gained in ordinary human society are all preparations for Fa-rectification. Utilizing our skills and what we have for Dafa, no matter how trivial that is, is an essential part of our cultivation. Your fellow practitioners around you do not necessarily go through the same path with you or do same things as you do. Thus, for Dafa work, we should not wait for others or rely on others, and only by doing this can we accelerate our cultivation process.

To a practitioner, everything that we encounter, coincidently or unavoidably, at different times and places, are all arranged for improving our Xinxing. Tribulations are arranged to raise our realm. When we reach that realm, we will reach another level. Along the path, everything is in order and clear. The only key requirement is our Xinxing.

One copy of Zhuan Falun has the power to see into all the truth and break through all the barriers. All the answers are inside of the book. If you can follow the words in the book with your whole-hearted faith and belief, you can quickly break through different levels of space and be on your way toward consummation.

Throughout history, from the ancient times to today, there have never been cultivators who are as fortunate as we are. All of us are on the path toward consummation, step by step, under the benevolent watch, careful guidance, and absolute protection of Master Li. Teacher, you are truly too benevolent and too magnificent!

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