Deep Lessons Learned From Mistakes With Lust

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | October 6, 2012

[] We all know that the old forces take the issue of lust very seriously. An event that occurred recently allowed me to deeply realize the gravity of this issue.

A relatively new fellow practitioner who obtained the Fa in 2007 had a spouse who didn’t truly walk into Dafa even though she had an understanding of it. As a result of conflicting feelings, they later divorced. After a period of twists and turns following the divorce, they eventually were on good terms again and decided to renew their marriage. The fortunate thing is that during their preparation of renewing their marriage, his ex-wife truly walked into Dafa cultivation and became a new practitioner with a high level comprehension of the Fa very quickly.

However, they again divorced at one point, and the shadow of their divorce kept looming over them. His ex-wife wanted to interact with him more and more at his house and have intimate conversations. This was understandable, but the fellow male practitioner always stayed in another room, coming into contact with his family very little. Later, because of an extended business trip his ex-wife thought he didn’t care for her. She became very saddened and cried a lot, and her feelings of renewing the marriage again were shaken.

When the male practitioner returned home from his business trip, he didn’t pay much attention to his mistake of neglecting to communicate with the female practitioner from a perspective of both their feelings and the Fa perspective. However, under the persuasion of her mother, he went to the other extreme and wanted to sleep in her room with her. Because the female was a new practitioner and modern society has a strongly deviant perception towards this kind of thing before marriage, she mistakenly thought that it was acceptable because they had already been married for several years. She wanted to get a marriage certificate, but the registration site was too far away, so she didn’t think anything was wrong. Thus, these two practitioners made a huge mistake without even realizing it. They stayed together like a married couple, and this female practitioner was soon pregnant.

After pregnancy, the gestation symptoms were overly intense. For about a month, the female practitioner constantly had symptoms such as throwing up and not eating enough, but neither of them enlightened to the reason behind it. The practitioners in the area and those who were familiar with them are all at fault for this situation as well. Actually, when I heard about it I suddenly felt lots of bottled up panic. I should have said this out loud, but after seeing the new practitioner’s state of mind and her finding many “excuses” for the situation, I kept fearing she wouldn’t understand. So even though the words lingered in my mouth, I kept everything to myself. I kept thinking they would definitely eventually come to an understanding through slow improvement.

Actually this is also an indication of us not being responsible for our fellow practitioners. This male practitioner once vowed to Master before sleeping in the female practitioner’s room that he would definitely not do so without a marriage certificate. However, in the complex reality of life, he didn’t walk righteously, and we also didn’t fulfill our duties as fellow practitioners. The evil old forces exploited this gap. When this practitioner went to clarify the truth one day, he was arrested, and we suffered heavy losses.

After his arrest, I still didn’t realize the severity of the situation. I kept mistakenly thinking it was his notion of completing tasks and his lack of vigilance that caused his arrest. However during the process of rescuing this practitioner, Master very clearly showed me in a dream the true reason behind it all. After waking up, I came to a sudden epiphany. Other fellow practitioners also enlightened to it after hearing about it. Once his ex-wife realized the true reason, she cried so much she lost her voice. She said she didn’t even realize that it was wrong. The practitioner was a good practitioner, was very diligent in cultivation, and was very good about clarifying the truth. Unfortunately, he made the wrong choice this one time, didn’t enlighten to it for several months, and let the evil take advantage his mistake.

No matter what, we don’t accept the persecution. The practitioner made a mistake, so he should rectify it through Dafa cultivation. I also hope that practitioners who read this will take this as a warning as well and use righteous thoughts to help this practitioner escape in order to return to the enormous current of Fa-rectification as soon as possible.

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