Green Water Lotus Flowers Expressing Gratitude

A Dafa Practitioner in Mainland China

PureInsight | March 12, 2013

[] Thanksgiving is around the corner, and who should we really be thankful to?

On a Thanksgiving six years ago, I was surrounded by tall walls and bars in a detention center. I felt that I was about to be put on a meat grinder’s conveyer belt, with the smell of death fast approaching. Living in a society in which atheism was endorsed as a state religion whereas theism was deemed wrong, I did not know how a person could face a country’s governmental machine. Dreariness, worry, and helplessness enveloped me. As a theist, deep down in my heart I believed that one who believed in God was blessed. At that time, Master Li’s image appeared in the sky above the detention center I was in. A rope that was directly connected to me from the sky was untied in a flash and the old forces grip on me vanished. Once again a pair of benevolent hands took me to the other shore so I could live.

How many times have I experienced this?

When I was ill lingering in bed and almost in the twilight of my life, Master’s silhouette appeared beside me, driving away the spirit that was there to take my life and granting me a brand new one that stretched further on the track of life.

Several times during peaceful study of the Dafa scriptures the Buddha’s light illuminated me and cast out substances that made my body ill. The same pair of benevolent hands uprooted those substances and enclosed and suppressed them in this dimension. It was as if life that had been restrained in me for a long time was suddenly released with a tremor. I shed tears of gratitude.

I thank the Lord Creator for granting me life that is revived from my soul to my flesh. I thank revered Master for letting this disciple find how life is so humbling and precious. I thank Master for giving this disciple an emerald-green pen that is able to write down divine characters.

I thank Master for looking after me during my many cycles of reincarnation. I thank Master for creating many splendid opportunities for this disciple while creating human culture throughout history. In looking back at the history of my many lives I remember the completeness of Ma Min De’s life in the imperial harem of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Jiao’s overbearing attitude and dreariness in the imperial harem of the Western Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty Princess Taiping’s mission to restore territory and domination, and Qing Dynasty Princess Rong Xian’s good fortune that had the river of life burst with blooming lotus flowers. I thank Master for leaving these memories that have made a simple life full and radiant.

On the other shore, Udumbara flowers bloom. The gratitude of this disciple is crystal clear, like green water transformed into thousands of lotus flowers expressing their sincere appreciation with shimmering brightness.

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