Breaking Through Interference to Complete My Cultivation Path

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | March 4, 2013

[] Recently, I was severely bothered by various rumors and hearsay, and I sometimes felt confused and didn’t do the three things as diligently as I had before. Now, it’s already November and I have become very worried about myself. In order to overcome my current lackluster cultivation progress, I decided to study Master’s article “Be Vigilant” again. I have studied this particular article several times before, but this time, it was like I was reading the article for the very first time. Every word touched me and I felt like I had been awakened. I felt that Master was teaching me a new lesson.

In “Be Vigilant,” Master Li says: “Cultivation is about removing human thinking and attachments.” In retrospect, I feel I have never fully caught up with the ongoing progress of Fa-rectification. Even though I have been cultivating for more than 10 years, my human notions have accompanied me all the time. As a result, I would always resort to my human notions when doing Fa-rectification projects, without being aware of it. Master Li continues in the article: “I can help you eliminate a great deal of karma, but you must face on your own what you are to face, and neither Master nor anyone else can do so on your behalf. You have to, yourself, get through the attachments that are to be removed and the tests that need to be passed.”

I am cultivating among ordinary people in this dirty world. Every day, I eat and sleep together with ordinary family members, and I work with ordinary people. My colleagues and my supervisors are all ordinary people, and most of the people that I contact for my business (I have to talk to many people as part of my job) are ordinary people. As a Dafa practitioner I should have fully taken advantage of my situation and paved convenient ways to clarify the facts and save sentient beings along the way. Nonetheless, I have always fallen victim to the influences of ordinary people. For example, when I heard people talk about a certain website that was posting slanderous remarks against Falun Gong, I would become very agitated and confrontational, thinking about what I should do to stop such slander. I would then anxiously go and visit the website to check it out. After visiting the website and reading the posts, I would become disheartened. If the website allowed comments, I would try to post my comments to defend Dafa. I would even search the web to see whether there were other links, and would waste quite a lot of my treasured time on such things. As a result, the time I spent doing the three things was reduced. As a matter of fact, I have actually fallen into the traps devised by the old forces. My attachment to combativeness was exposed and I was taken advantage of by the old forces as a result. As a Dafa practitioner, I should have refrained from visiting those websites so as not to bring further attention to them. Why didn’t I learn my lesson? After going through such a brutal persecution for so long, why haven’t I taught myself the importance of avoiding evil interference? Am I destined to lag behind?

As Fa-rectification moves on, the overall situation will improve. Those old forces and evil elements will inevitably make their last minute struggle to try to derail the progress of Fa-rectification. All kinds of degenerated and bad methods will be adopted by those evil forces to try to make it impossible for Dafa practitioners to save people. As a Dafa practitioner, I should keep reminding myself of Master’s instructions on doing the three things well. I should always keep alert and remember that cultivation is just to get rid of my human notions and walk the divine path.

After studying “Be Vigilant,” I have come to understand that my main consciousness will need to remain alert at all times. Human’s previous history is coming to its end, and the day when Dafa practitioners return to their original homes following Master is not far away. In “Be Vigilant,” Master Li says: “This is your glory, and Master’s glory. I am truly happy about the Great Consummation that’s in store for you in the future. Walking the final part of the path well is a must, and it is Master’s wish for you.”

Very soon, all those evil forces working for the Chinese Communist Party will be eliminated— their days are already numbered. Every evil element will end up in hell and face complete disintegration of both body and spirit. I will not miss this fleeting opportunity to save more people. I will strengthen my will to help cleanse those evil forces. I want to walk the final steps solidly and well towards consummation. I don’t want to ruin the great expectations placed upon me by Master.

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