Not Exercising for Long Periods of Time is Definitely Not a Small Problem

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | April 2, 2013

[] A few nights ago, I was meditating with another practitioner when my third eye suddenly opened and I saw a lot of scenes. My third eye had essentially never been opened before; I have only seen a few scenes from time to time. This time however, I clearly saw for forty to fifty minutes. It must have been Master allowing me to see. But for what reason? I reasoned that it had to do with this practitioner’s cultivation state as well as those of similar practitioners. This practitioner had never liked exercising. Especially after the persecution began, this practitioner didn’t exercise for long periods of time. For example, this practitioner hadn’t performed the Falun Standing Stance for several years, and they were quite reluctant to exercise this time as well.

This is what I saw: countless sentient beings were all crowded at the edge of a cliff wearing ragged clothing and messy hair, like beggars. They had an expression of dull despair. Their bodies were somewhat deformed. I told them all with my thoughts: “Remember Falun Dafa is good! Zhen, Shan, Ren is good!” Slowly, they left the edge of the cliff and dispersed. The environment there was extremely bad. The mountains were shattered, no plants thrived, and the sky was an ominous gray with no light. Once we meditated for a little over ten minutes, the skies gradually lightened. From the darkness emerged an image of a God. The God was not radiating, but was instead the colour of gold in the human world. As we meditated, more objects began to burst open, revealing the images of Gods. The Gods in that world had been buried in dust! In the end, I saw what looked like circular ripples eminating from the fellow practitioner’s forehead into the distance. However, they were very faint with no light.

From what I know, practitioners who haven’t exercised for long periods of time after the persecution started aren’t that rare. Even of the practitioners with whom I interact, there were some who attended Master’s original lectures who haven’t exercised in a long time. Some serious cases include practitioners who haven’t exercised in years. Instead they go fishing every three days and dry their nets every two days. Practitioners who don’t completely finish the exercises are even more common. I’m only referring to practitioners who have continued to cultivate after the persecution started, not including those who are on and off in cultivation. Cultivation is not complete without exercising. This is the most basic knowledge that doesn’t require much effort to figure out. Why are there still fellow practitioners who don’t take the exercises seriously? Of course their situations are probably different, but their common shortcoming is that they don’t fully understand the importance of cultivation. These fellow practitioners don’t realise that not exercising for long periods of time will cause one’s own dimension to become barren and gloomy and one’s sentient beings to become impoverished and hopeless. Even the Gods in these practitioners’ dimensions have lost their halos.

Not exercising for long periods of time is definitely not a small problem. It is quite dangerous, in fact. I hope fellow practitioners will take exercising seriously and make an effort to remedy what they’ve lost. This is just an occasional scene that I saw, so I wanted to share it with fellow practitioners. Please compassionately point out anything inappropriate.

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