Three Miraculous Effects of the Nine Commentaries—a “Heavenly Book”

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | April 2, 2013

[] The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published eight years ago and immediately gained public attention across the globe. Also referred to as the Nine Commentaries, this book was instrumental in bringing about the mass movement of “Quiting the CCP organizations,” and to this day more than one hundred and twenty-seven million, six hundred thousand people have quit the CCP; the number is constantly increasing. The CCP is currently in the process of rapid disintegration. As a result, people have been calling the Nine Commentaries a “heavenly book” that disintegrates the CCP. This is truly the case.

Because people are calling the Nine Commentaries a “heavenly book,” it must have miraculous effects. In my opinion, the Nine Commentaries has had at least three miraculous effects.

1. The Nine Commentaries initiated the mass movement of quitting the CCP
The moment the Nine Commentaries was published, the CCP listed it as the number one banned book in China, creating multiple internal documents that strictly prohibited anyone from reading it. The CCP utilized all the power of its dictatorship to prevent the spread of the Nine Commentaries, but to no avail. Since its release, the Nine Commentaries has rapidly spread throughout China through various channels. More and more people are reading the Nine Commentaries and quitting the CCP as a result. There have been many examples of this, so I will not repeat any here.

2. The Nine Commentaries outlined the method by which the CCP will disintegrate
What is the second miraculous effect of the “heavenly book?” It outlined the method by which the CCP will disintegrate. This is a heavenly decree that no one can change. This has been confirmed through various events starting with the Chongqing incident, on to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and various other exposed internal events that occurred within the CCP that shocked the public.

In July 1999, the then Secretary-General of the CCP, Jiang Zemin, utilized the regime’s brutal mechanisms to oppose Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance, launching a persecution against Falun Gong. The Nine Commentaries pointed out how Jiang “[brought] down the CCP from the inside:”

“Motivated by his personal interests, Jiang Zemin utilized the inherent evil of the CCP to launch the immense persecution aimed at innocent people who follow Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. He launched a punitive movement against a social force most beneficial and least harmful to the nation and society. This persecution not only drags the nation and people down into crime and disaster, but also defeats the Party at its very foundation.”

“Jiang Zemin utilized the Party to employ relentlessly all manner of evil means all over the world to eradicate Falun Gong. Law, morality and humanity all suffered great harm, which destroys at the root the regime’s legitimacy.”

“The collusion between the CCP and Jiang Zemin has tied their fates together. Falun Gong is now suing Jiang Zemin. The day Jiang is brought to justice, the fate of the CCP will be self-evident.”

Because the CCP and Jiang have been colluding, they will face the same fate. Hu Jintao governed for ten years, and Jiang was the overlord for ten years. Hu is a typical example of a Party protecting faction. Hu reached the peak of his power before the 18th National Congress. He could have easily taken advantage of the Bo Xilai/Wang Lijun incident to expose Jiang’s atrocious act of live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and the cremation of their bodies and arrested him, setting into motion the eradication of the CCP. This is what many people hoped he would do. However, Hu was afraid to do so. In order for him to protect the Party, he must protect Jiang and be suppressed by the blood-debted gang led by Jiang. Thus we saw that at the 18th National Congress Jiang showed up on the rostrum right after Hu, and among the seven committee members selected most had characteristics of the Jiang faction.
The result of this outcome is that the new leaders of the CCP who fantasised about its success have already been greatly disappointed. More people now clearly see the nature of the CCP and no longer believe in the CCP’s so-called reforms, choosing instead to quit the CCP, thereby speeding up the process of the its disintegration. People can also see that Jiang is already bringing down the CCP from the inside, which was pointed out by the Nine Commentaries as one method by which the CCP would disintegrate. If you would like to learn more about how the CCP will disintegrate, please read the Nine Commentaries several times, and you will understand.

3. The Nine Commentaries saves the souls of the Chinese people
Many people who have read the Nine Commentaries believe that not only is it a “heavenly book” that disintegrates the CCP, it is also the “oracle” that awakens the soul and grants salvation.
After reading the Nine Commentaries, one person stated: “Before the Nine Commentaries came out, I felt I already understood the true nature of the CCP. I thought I had finally relinquished the culture and logic instilled by the CCP and felt contempt at others’ delusion. However after I carefully read the Nine Commentaries, I couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. Reflecting on the Nine Commentaries as well as myself, I realized I still held many of the CCP’s deviant views and culture evident in my daily actions and words. I deeply felt that although the materials used by the Nine Commentaries are uncommon to most people, the unique perspective it uses to expose the CCP’s nature is something an ordinary mindset could not accomplish.”

Only those who have clear minds and have become enlightened to some level through cultivation could accomplish the feat of writing the Nine Commentaries. No wonder many people see the it as an “oracle” that disintegrates the CCP. Reading it is like awaking from a dream.

Another reader said: “After reading the Nine Commentaries, quitting all the CCP’s organizations is the best thing to do. I can’t think of any other better action. If everyone quit its organizations, stopped attending its activities, and stopped listening to it, could the CCP still exist? For example, its red song singing event is so absurd, but it still exists because people attend. Most people attend only because they are forced to do so. The CCP relies on Chinese citizens’ flesh and blood to run these events. If everyone ignored it, it would automatically come to an end.”
There are many readers with similar views. The Nine Commentaries has completely changed the way Chinese citizens view the CCP. It has allowed more and more citizens to awaken. The Nine Commentaries has granted Chinese people’s souls salvation.

Since its publication eight years ago, the Nine Commentaries has brought about many miraculous effects. The Nine Commentaries will bring about even more miraculous effects. All of this will be recorded in history.

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