An Elderly Practitioner Uses Righteous Thoughts to Deny Interference from an Illusion of Paralysis

A Falun Dafa Practitioner from Henan Province, China

PureInsight | April 11, 2013

[] Recently, an 80-year-old practitioner was able to eliminate interference arising from an illusion of paralysis within a 24-hour period by having righteous thoughts and actions. Below is a full account of his experience, with the hope that it will help enlighten other practitioners.

One night, the elderly practitioner went to the hospital to see another practitioner. Upon returning home, one of his legs began to harden suddenly and wouldn’t bend, and this was accompanied by severe pain. The practitioner, like the practitioner he had visited in the hospital, appeared to have symptoms of paralysis. In the face of this sudden ordeal, the practitioner disregarded the paralysis as interference from the very beginning. He denied it from his inner heart, and didn’t allow himself to be affected by the hospitalized practitioner’s abnormal condition at all. He insisted on studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and practicing the exercises, even if one leg couldn’t bend when practicing the sitting meditation. The next morning when he got up, there was no change, so his son found a crutch for him, but he completely refused it with a clear mind and also refused any further help from others. No matter how inconvenient it was to walk or do things, he insisted on doing it all independently, even if all he had to lean on was a wall or bed. Later, because his leg was too stiff to walk on, he realized the old forces were using this illusion of paralysis to make him lie down and have difficulty getting out of the tribulation. He resolutely refused to fall into the trap of the old forces. The harder it got to move and go out, the stronger his will became to do so. The arrangements of the old forces should be denied not only with the mind, but also through actions.

As a result of his strong will, the practitioner deliberately went out, riding his Pedi cab. If he was unable to ride it with two legs, he just did it with one because his purpose was to move his leg. Without his being aware of it, the practitioner’s leg was healed and it was like a dream that he had never experienced before. The difficult ordeal rapidly disintegrated through his righteous thoughts and actions, which further validated the great power of Dafa.

From this we can see that in order to deny physical persecution from the old forces, the first thought is very important because, when it is righteous, it creates a strong base on which to lay a solid foundation to eliminate persecution. Unwavering righteous thoughts are key. Some practitioners’ first thought is good but they tend to waver afterward, and then human thoughts come in if the tribulation lasts a little bit longer. They want to relieve it using human methods, but actually they have already then acknowledged the persecution by the old forces. As a result, the tribulation lasts longer and longer or perhaps the situation becomes even more severe. However, this elderly practitioner was quite stable and he did not think in human ways.
Furthermore, and most importantly, be sure to treat righteous actions with unshakable perseverance and confidence to break through any false sense of difficulty. Truly regard oneself as a healthy, supernatural person with every act and every move. Quite a few of our practitioners also know that so-called disease karma is an illusion and should be denied with righteous thoughts, but they just cannot deny it for a long time. Why? Usually their righteous actions are lacking and are only reflected verbally—in fact, those are not real righteous thoughts at all. Although they deny the sickness with their thoughts, their actions are like that of a sick person. For example, someone who experiences symptoms of diabetes does not dare to eat sweet foods, and doesn’t want to eat because of the discomfort afterward, or tries not to move because of the pain or even cannot move at all, etc. The elderly practitioner had a clear mind in this regard, so be sure to take his experience as an example of how to deny any interference with righteous thoughts.

Of course, the elderly practitioner’s successful handling of this interference was the result of a strong foundation that had been laid over a long period of cultivation and studying the Fa well. Be sure to improve in cultivation based on the Fa, and measure whatever we encounter with the Fa. Only when truly basing everything on the Fa when dealing with tribulations can the power of the Fa fully manifest.

Please point out any limitations in my understanding if you see them.

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