Not Truly Cultivating Is the Regret of a Lifetime

Dafa Disciple Yuan Si

PureInsight | June 26, 2013

[] There once was a time when my father appeared very diligent in his cultivation. However, after being persecuted multiple times by the Chinese Communist Party, his determination was shattered, and after being released from prison, he gradually became alienated from Dafa. Later, he even went as far as not wanting to cultivate ever again. Bad things from other dimensions would often interfere with him, causing him to say bad things and do disrespectful things to Master and the Fa. Sometimes he would become enraged with my mother and interfere with her cultivation. Seeing the state my father was in, everyone was very worried about him. No one foresaw that one day my father would undergo this kind of change.

One night I dreamed of my mother sitting cross-legged and sending forth righteous thoughts on her bed. In front of her was a female ghost who continuously threw tantrums. The ghost sat with its back to my mother and refused to leave, continuing to interfere with her. I immediately sprang toward that being and my fingers suddenly changed into five sharp swords. The five swords then multiplied into countless swords that lined heaven and earth. Upon noticing me, the female demon escaped into the soil. After I caught up to her, just as I was about to put my supernatural capabilities to full use and dissolve her into smoke, I suddenly realized that if she was able to interfere with my mother during righteous thoughts and did not get eradicated, she may have a predestined relationship with my mother. I used supernatural abilities to see the relationship she had with my mother. I calmly urged her to let go of her hatred and not to interfere with my mother. She is also interfering with Fa rectification. However, she still could not control the accumulated rancor within her heart. Thus, I walked toward her holding two bottles and said: “These two bottles: one bottle is filled with the sentient beings that you two share, and the other bottle is filled with compassion. You guys are the chiefs of two Sri Lankan ethnic groups. If your hatred is not dissolved, then the sentient beings corresponding to you guys will forever be in a state of war and conflict and will not experience peace and prosperity. You guys are amplifying their battling hearts – not only do the two ethnic groups hate each other, but also beings within the same ethnic group cannot associate amicably. If the chiefs cannot let go of their hatred, the sentient beings will not be liberated.” As that being observed the state of the sentient beings in the bottle, she felt hurt and no longer had the flame of intense hatred she had before. I said to her, “Compassionately resolve the situation! Allow your sentient beings to be liberated! Give compassion to the sentient beings.” The being nodded its head in agreement. I took the bottle filled with compassion and poured it into the bottle filled with the sentient beings. In an instant, the sentient beings of the other dimension became immersed in the brilliant rays of compassion and felt prosperity and liberation at once. People also now interacted peacefully. Whenever there was a conflict in the city, everyone would view things righteously and all unrighteous situations would be corrected. Then, I saw Master bringing a group of many beings to a pure, colossal, and transparent heavenly body. I knew this was the renovated universe. I excitedly flew toward Master. Master used his thoughts to speak to me in an affectionate and calm manner, “At the moment you cannot go over there. For now keep your human life and continue doing the things you have to do in the human realm.” Then, I opened my eyes and returned to the human dimension.

Meeting Master in my dream made me very happy. I saw my situation very clearly. Every time I met Master in a dream was before a major event. Master is encouraging me, allowing me to steel my righteous thoughts.

Due to excessive drinking my father passed away. The being that had used my father to interfere with my mother for a long time had left, and thus my father also left the world. When I learned of this news, I felt extremely sad. My father had endured countless hardships in his life. Under the tyranny of the Communist Party, he lived an extremely difficult and deprived life. My father’s household was once very illustrious. However in his youth, his status sharply declined due to the political situation. Grandpa and Grandma consecutively died from famine. The starvation and hardships my father experienced in his youth were not in line with the hard labor he had to put in at his age. From his youth he had already witnessed the Communist Party’s cruel murdering of innocent civilians through land reform. All the spectacles of bloodshed became engraved in his young memory and impossible to forget.

Back when my father was still clearheaded, he always told me he would expose the wicked party’s tyranny. The Communist Party’s evil made his hair stand up in anger. During his teenage years, my father had joined the army and was poisoned by a large dosage of party culture, rendering him unable to clearheadedly understand the Fa after he learned it later. He was extremely excited by his blissful encounter with Dafa and was able to endure more hardships than anyone. Whether it was doing the exercises, memorizing the Fa, or spreading the Fa, he was more active and energetic than anyone else. After Dafa was framed and suppressed, he went to Beijing to protest to the authority, clarify the truth, and pass out flyers – he was still very energetic. However, my father was never able to improve by the Fa. He had always been stuck in his respect for the Fa. This was due to the fact that his third eye opened right at the onset of cultivation, and he was able to interact with many things in other dimensions. My father had always been attached to abilities, and he could not break out of this state. My father was persecuted in a detention center by the communist party many times. Unable to access Dafa, he used human willpower to resist long periods of savage persecution. Ultimately his willpower crumbled, and mentally became abnormal.

After my father was released from prison, I noticed that he would get scared sometimes when spoken to loudly. He would run to the bed and sit in terror, waving his hands at me begging me not to turn him in. When my father was clearheaded he told me that after he was detained in the detention center, something flew into his head and spoke to him for a long period of time. It asked him to do this and do that, but they were all things that damaged the Fa. Only when he was on the brink of danger would my father realize that this could not be Master’s orders that he was acting on – doing these things would tarnish Dafa’s image. Later my father would always mistake the interference from other dimensions for Master’s orders, and thus the interference got the best of him. My father could not let go of his fundamental attachments, and the old forces persecuted him for a long period of time, preventing him from truly obtaining the Fa.

Later I enlightened to the fact that being energetic does not equate to being diligent. Various displays of energy do not equal a diligent state. With regards to the parts of Master’s Fa my father could not understand, he could not let go of self. He would do the things that fit his own ideals and would not do things different from his ideals. As time passed, this gap was amplified greatly by the evil and ultimately caused him to deviate from Dafa. During righteous thoughts, my father would never clear his own dimensional field; he would never take part in the first five minutes. When Minghui posted a notice concerning changing the Chinese characters, my father could not understand it at all. I knew that it was the evil forces behind him doing mischief. In his late stages, my father would even go as far as marking up the language of the Dafa book with his own desires. My mother and I would send forth righteous thoughts for him. I sadly read him the article “The Story of the Phoenix Lord”, but he was being too strongly interfered.

The night I buried my father, I dreamed that my father came to see me. He said life for him was really hard down there. I sighed and said that I had told him not to slander Master and the Fa, but he would not listen. I asked my father if Gods would still allow him to learn Dafa. Holding the Dafa book with immeasurable remorse, my father heaved a long sigh. I knew that the remorse of a being losing Dafa is very difficult to express. Father took me to the place where he was living; there were several rows of single storied houses. On every house was written what the person had done wrong and his name. There were many words broadcasted consecutively on the door. Lots of lives in other dimensions would visit this place. Everyone regarded it as a warning. I sorrowfully watched my father, and my father said to me, “Do not worry about me. After all, I am a person who has learned Dafa before. They will not bother me.”

When father was released from the detention center, I had already been persecuted into destitution. Thus it was difficult for me to have the opportunity to accompany my father and interact with him. I was never even able to catch a last glimpse of him before he left. During the late stages when I saw my father’s actions become less and less rational, I also had human notions. I wanted to let go of him, and very little did I send forth righteous thoughts for him. Although I clearly knew the effects of righteous thoughts, when my father left the world I was very regretful that I did not put in my full effort and instead let the old forces take him away.

One month later, I dreamed that my father came to find me. He said to me that this time, the Gods let him use the body of this life to visit me for the last time. Very soon he was going to reincarnate; the mother of his next life was twenty-eight years old and quickly approaching childbirth. Although it had only been one month in the human dimension, a vast amount of time had elapsed in the other dimension where father had repaid his countless karmic debts. After we bid our farewells, father left by flying through the window, and my human emotions surfaced. I could not control the sorrow in my heart and shouted for him, reluctant to part. Father opened the window and grasped my hands with his two hands. He cried and I also cried. I said to my father, “Do not reincarnate. Stay with us, ok?” Father grasped my hands even tighter and shuddered. During that second, I felt everything that had occurred in my father’s life. I saw the level by level that my father had gone through just to obtain the Fa. I saw all the hardships he had experienced in his many lives. I saw in the many lives I shared with my father and how the ties were formed so that we could obtain the Fa together. I sensed the deep remorse in my father for not having cultivated well in this life. At the same time, I saw the situation my father would be placed in his next life; he would love his mother dearly. In just one second, I had received a great magnitude of complicated messages. From the bottom of my heart I grieved and lamented for this being, my father. My human emotions were starting to interfere with my father, thus a female God in my dimensional field advised me, “Do not keep him any longer. Let him go to reincarnate. Perhaps reincarnation will be a good thing for him.” I suddenly realized that as a Dafa disciple, I should not be interfering with him as in his next life he still has an opportunity to assimilate to Dafa. I released my father’s hands and silently wished him well.

Not being able to let go of self to cultivate is a being’s biggest regret. To obtain the Fa and then lose it is something a life will eternally regret. It is not only the case for my father; the same goes for me. Whenever I get caught up in an attachment, the old forces try to manipulate me in an attempt to squander my opportunity to cultivate. My negation of my father was also a trap of the old forces into which I had fallen. I know there are other fellow practitioners like me who laud and approach practitioners who appear to be diligent yet loathe and do not want to interact with practitioners who do not appear to be diligent. They would also very rarely help them. Yet Master is not like us. When Master looks at a being, he looks at the being in its entirety. A being would not be negated based on its wrongdoings in one lifetime. Sentient beings are constantly receiving opportunities. As a cultivator, I should not judge others based on how they appear and be tricked by the old forces’ deception. This is wrong and is an attachment that cultivators must eliminate. I now deeply regret how I had negated my father and how I judged and alienated myself from practitioners for whom I did not care much. These were my human attachments acting up. Actually as a cultivator, all the problems we run into are related to our own cultivation and improvement. They are all related to helping Master protect the Fa and saving sentient beings. A narrow mindset cannot possibly comprehend the greatness and exclusiveness of cultivation, nor can it realize the meaning of the title “Dafa disciple”! Letting go of all human attachments and cultivating by listening to what Master says is true cultivation.

In the dreams of the past few days, I saw a tree of another dimension to which Bao Zheng had been bound by steel chains for a long period of time. Surrounding the tree were various ghosts and demons teasing him. Suddenly one day, the steel chains snapped, and Bao Zheng disappeared from the other dimension. The tree to which he was bound blossomed with many beautiful flowers of all kinds. A sound then emanated from the sky, “Bao Zheng is about to reincarnate!” The surrounding demons and ghosts who had teased Bao Zhong for so long now could no longer find him, but they were not willing to let him go just yet. In that dimension they looked everywhere for him, shouting, “Hey Bao Zheng, where did you go? We are still looking for you!” I realized that some beings could not break away from the old forces’ arrangements in their current lives. Master has arranged their next life to break free. The old forces have their plans of annihilation, but Master’s wisdom and power are far greater than their plans. At the same time, I saw that the demonic side of me was actually assisting those demons and ghosts. I realized that when I am not diligent, I impose a negative effect on Fa-rectification and fellow practitioners. On the surface I had extricated myself from my father’s poor state, but in a deeper dimension, the evil used the human attachments and thoughts I could not let go to interfere with my father. My father is not the only one that must truly cultivate; I must as well! However, I saw myself as higher than him and even turned my back on him.

Not truly cultivating is the regret of a lifetime. While you can still make up for errors, cultivate, and rescue sentient beings, you must make sure not to lose yourself! I am writing to expose the demons that are concealed in other dimensions as well as to encourage fellow practitioners. My level is limited, and what I can see is definitely not the truth of the universe. What I see is used for my own enlightenment and improvement. Some things may merely just be hints. What I have seen in other dimensions is only what I have seen from my current level. Due to my limited enlightenment quality, please point out any inadequacies. I hope to learn with everyone so that we can improve together!

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