“I am not as Strong as my 80 Years Old Mom”

A Dafa Disciple in Liao Ning Province

PureInsight | April 5, 2015

[PureInsight.org] I am more than 80 years now. One day during the summer, I climbed to the rooftop of my house to check how the pumpkins were growing. I pollinated a couple of flowers and then decided to go down. The rooftop of my house is more than 3 meters above the ground, and there is a small awning about 1 meter down from the rooftop on one side of my house. I figured I could easily get to the awning first and then climbed down from there. I jumped down onto the awning and what happened next completely surprised me. I was actually on the ground already! I couldn’t remember how I got to the ground, I just felt hard to breathe, and my whole body was shaking like crazy. I immediately shouted out: “Help, Master Li!” After I made two such shouts, I was able to breathe normally. I didn’t feel any pain as if nothing had happened. I stood up and left. How wonderful it was!

Later, I noticed that I had a very big cut on the left side of my head and there was blood over my face and clothes. I couldn’t remember what I might have fallen on the ground as there was a bike, a big water jug, and a piece of rectangular stone about 1 meter long on the ground where I had fallen. I went inside my house and washed the blood off. I kowtowed to Master Li and then went ahead to prepare dinner for the family. When my granddaughter came back home from her school, she was surprised to see the blood stain on my head, she was so scared that her small body started to shake. “Are you okay?” my granddaughter kept asking me, I told her that I was fine, and I was being protected by Master Li. My granddaughter then urged me to go to the hospital. I refused and decided to stay home. In about 5 or 6 days, I got recovered from the injury and then went ahead with fellow practitioners to clarify the truth to the public as usual.

Just a few days later after this incident, my son saw two people fighting. He helped to pull them apart and in the midst of confusion his right arm got hit severely, resulting in a big cut. My son went to the hospital right away to get some emergency treatment. Several months later, my son’s arm still didn’t completely recover. My son exclaimed, “Hey, I am not as strong as my 80 years old mom, she didn’t get any shots, she didn’t take any medicine, her injure got recovered so quickly. Look at me, my arm still hurts even after half a year now.” I told my son, “Son, I am being protected by Master Li. You can’t compare yourself with me. If Master Li hadn’t protected me before, I could have broken many bones, I might have died right away from such a fall.” From then on, my son began to show a great respect to Master Li. Now, whenever my son buys fruits, he will always first place some in front of Master Li’s picture. The power of Falun Dafa has changed the mind of ordinary people.

From that incident, I also realized that I needed to seek inward to see what was wrong with me. I found many attachments, especially my show-off mentality. I would always tell fellow practitioners how many people I had helped quitting the CCP, how many Shenyun DVDs I had distributed, etc. I had always felt that I had done a much better job than others. Such a notion was very dangerous and it was an obstacle standing on the path of my cultivation. I would have to get rid of such an attachment so as to meet the requirements of the Fa and the new universe; so that I could get back to my original home with Master.

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