Proving That I’m Correct

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | October 26, 2015

[] Recently, during the process of cultivating and looking inward, I realized that many of my attachments originated from the human mindset of “Proving that I’m correct”.

For example, “competitiveness” is blatantly competing with others to prove that one is more correct than others. “Showing off” is to show that one is brilliant in order to get others’ respect. “Saving face”, “afraid of being scolded”, and “vanity” are all to protect one’s “correct” image in front of others. “Lying” or “making false statements” is not hesitating to use falsehood to protect oneself. “Arrogance” is again an extreme manifestation of “proving that I’m correct”. Obviously, this substance of “Proving that I’m correct” doesn’t allow others to surpass oneself, and it manifests as jealousy. Otherwise, it becomes “I am not as correct as others”, and “my own correctness” will lose its splendour.

Because people are in delusion, they cannot see the cause of things. Man’s limited wisdom cannot see clearly the nature of matter. Under the influence of today’s empirical sciences, in studying something, man can only rely on probing and a large amount of experiments to prove that “one’s verdict is correct”. This empirical science way of thinking has already become the accustomed ideology of modern people. In daily life and when facing conflicts with other people, “Proving that I’m Correct” has also become an accustomed notion and way of thinking.

From studying the Fa, we know that a God understands everything in his realm and below at a glance, and does not need to “verify” anything. Thus, “Proving that I’m Correct” is undoubtedly an ordinary human notion, and one that poses a serious obstacle to practitioners’ improvement.

It is precisely due to “Proving that I’m correct”, that in conflicts or xinxing clashes, we don’t look within and cannot admit we have faults. Instead we rack our brains for an excuse, evidence, or even make up excuses or irrationally twist logic to “Prove that I’m correct”. Thus, we aim to demonstrate that others are at fault, or that others are malicious, and push all responsibilities onto others. This will not only complicate matters and cause the things that should be done well to not be done well, but it is also pushing away a valuable opportunity to remove the attachments that one must remove.

Cultivate away the notion of “Proving that I’m Correct”, look within during conflicts, use the Fa to evaluate things, find one’s own faults and remove them, and we will be able to improve more quickly in cultivation.

The above are the understandings at my current stage of cultivation. If there are any inadequacies, please correct them.

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