Cultivation Notes: Why Can’t I Concentrate My Mind?

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 11, 2015

[] Recently, I have just figured out a few reasons behind my inability to concentrate my mind. I’d like to share with everyone here.

First, I should not always place myself in the so-called “right” position and then try very hard to prove that I am indeed correct, what’s more, when I start to criticize others, the ultimate motivation is again to prove that I am right. Even when I admit that I am wrong, I am somewhat still trying to prove that I am right because I want to show others that I am looking inwards and thus doing the right thing. Human attachments are really very stubborn.

Currently, the main reason for my inability to concentrate my mind is thus clear to me. Whenever a thought pops up in my mind, or, whenever I decide to say something to somebody, the deeply hidden ultimate goal is always to try to prove that I am right. Also, I want to get confirmations from others that I am right. I am simply trying to find more evidences to support that I am right. Almost every wild thought in my mind is somewhat tied to this problem of mine.

Now, I have realized that even if I am able to do something wonderful, it is not due to my abilities. There is nothing to boast if I perform a good deed, or, if I am capable of doing certain things. No one should feel proud of him/her, or get intoxicated in one’s own achievements. We have all learnt from the Fa that everything in the human world is actually wrong, so what’s to boast?

Secondly, I should not always regard my understandings as correct. Once I fall victim to such a trap, I will then try very hard to maintain my correctness, as a result, I don’t want to change myself. It is very possible that such a behavior is a manifestation of the old forces’ residual influences on me. One will then easily develop show-off mentality or even starts to act arrogantly. Once one feels he/she is always right, he/she will show such an intention in everything he/she says or does.

Thirdly, I have noticed that I like to show off. I like to tell everyone how smart and correct I am. I always expect others to acknowledge and appreciate my so-called greatness. Obviously, deep in my heart, I am simply thinking too much of myself. This is yet another reason behind my inability to concentrate my mind.


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