Diligent Cultivation Under a Heavy Hammer

Zi Di

PureInsight | December 1, 2015

[PureInsight.org] Master’s new lecture, 2015 West Coast Fa Conference held in October, shocked me for a long time. Every word had hit me like a heavy hammer. My undetectable selfish characteristics that seemed to be buried deeply were coming out clearly one by one.

As a disciple, I tried to be a true cultivator and had grown used to Master’s friendly smile and encouraging words from. I didn’t think I had been attached to consummation. Master’s new lecture was like a heavy hammer that kept me awake late into the night. A disciple, who thought he couldn’t be beaten, was beaten by heavy hammer from Master. I had never felt such sadness and I was scared. The next day, after carefully learning the new lecture again, I thought about the following questions calmly: Why do I feel sad and even scared? What do I cultivate for? What should I do in the future?

I could no longer hide my selfishness and I had to accept the truth that Master was not optimistic that many Dafa disciples would reach consummation. Even those who had done well have not reached the degree required for consummation. What would be the consequence of not reaching consummation? It would very likely lead to the extinction of body and soul because of unfinished mission that we pledged.

Previously, I was very pleased with myself when I studied Fa. However, cultivation is so serious. Especially after 16 years of this crazy evil persecution, I could feel how much Master sacrificed and gave to save beings based on the Fa. Immeasurable colossal firmaments and beings are waiting for Dafa disciples to fulfil the pledge and help Master rectify the Fa. As we know, we would be responsible if immeasurable beings were eliminated being our fault of not acting in accordance to the universal Fa standard. We will pay for what we didn’t do. As Master’s disciple, isn’t it too selfish to hope Master would leave one side of the net open? Master came here to rectify the Fa.

The reason I felt sad and scared was I thought I couldn’t reach consummation. In the final analysis, I was cultivating for myself and caring only for my own consummation. Instead, I saw an ugly and mutated being shivering in front of a boundless flame from the majestic Dafa. It was an ugly and abnormal being selfishly wallowing in itself. Suddenly, I immediately understood my cultivation purpose. The ancient pledge and the powerful sense of mission were calling me. “Saving sentient beings and assisting Master in Fa-rectification” was not an onerous oath. It was long but short, a rough and rugged path to give my whole life to. I understood. My life was coming for the Fa and staying with the Fa. Since I made a vow to assist Master in Fa-rectification, it would be perpetual glory for a life if I did well. Otherwise I would be eliminated in the Fa-rectification.

I finally realized from the bottom of my heart. I came for the Fa, not for consummation. My consummation was not important at all. The most important thing was whether my cultivation and saving sentient beings is in accordance with Master. Dafa cultivation was simple, but not simple.

I felt so calm and at ease when I realized this. However, another strong force came after that. I knew it was a gift from Dafa and Master when a being abandoned itself and selfishness. I knew the reason I could get out of my own selfishness and concern was I had a strong will to assist Master rectify the Fa and save beings. No matter when, where and what situation I was in, I wouldn’t forget. That was all what I got after learning Master’s new lecture. Master was waking me with a heavy hammer.

Disciple deeply thanks Master and will certainly cherish him/herself, cherish this great transient moment. "Be with Master, be with Fa”.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/148865


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