Danger of Playing with WeChat

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | September 20, 2016

[PureInsight.org] Nowadays, people in mainland China are hooked with WeChat. Almost everyone is playing with the mobile instant message application on their smart phones or tablets. People with different backgrounds send out different WeChat content. Many WeChat messages are very catchy and compel you to open and read them. Thus, before one realizes it, one has already wasted lots of time on WeChat. More importantly, because one is gradually being polluted by the information on WeChat, one feels unable to focus on their work and one’s attachments are growing. Some people simply indulge themselves in WeChat day in and day out; WeChat is thus ruining the lives of such people.

WeChat originates from extraterrestrials; it is not a normal human being’s technological product. When I first learned of WeChat, I felt as if a new door was open for me, as I could get to see so many things. I would keep reading those WeChat messages, and before I knew it, half an hour, or an hour was gone. WeChat was addictive to me; I was almost always thinking about it and trying to open it to see whether I got new messages from my friends, schoolmates, relatives, etc. I wanted to know what other people were up to. Then, there were all those entertaining content such as comic shows, songs, music and photos. Whenever I saw something interesting, I would start to write a post myself and send it to all the people in my WeChat groups. When I ran across some Buddhism related posts on certain so-called Buddhist masters’ revelations or warnings, I felt very happy at first so I would resend such posts to my WeChat friends. Gradually, however, I said to myself: “How can a Dafa disciple validate those things? What Master has given us is the universal Dafa; these things are nothing compared to Dafa. Furthermore, am I violating the principle of ‘no second cultivation way’ if I keep spreading those posts around?”

If I spent a lot of time on WeChat during the day, my mind would become messy and I wouldn’t even be able to fall asleep at night. Whenever I practiced the sitting meditation, WeChat related things would begin to pop up in my mind.

Later, I came to realize that all that WeChat stuff was nothing but karma. Those photos and messages —especially those posts that praised the evil CCP and its former leader Mao —are hiding groups upon groups of black demons that are trying to ruin people. In “Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Guangzhou”, Master says: “Human beings have karma, and the bodies of the disciples who haven’t reached beyond the In-Triple-World-Law in their cultivation aren’t pure, either. The mark you make is dark because your body has not yet been cleansed to a high degree. Each line you draw assumes your image and carries karma.” So, even cultivators carry karma, let alone ordinary people. Every post, every story and every photo on WeChat carries the author’s karma and messages. When one is reading with pleasure those things, isn’t he or she seeking them? That stuff actually fills up one’s body through entering one’s eyes and ears. Everything is alive, and when that stuff creeps inside one’s body, they will surely start to interfere with the person. These things also need energy to maintain themselves, so they will control one to read more and more, up until one falls addicted. In many friend gatherings, I noticed that many of my friends were reading WeChat messages from their phones, including some fellow practitioners. Isn’t that being the same as an ordinary person? How could a Dafa practitioner become lost in WeChat?

WeChat also makes people lose focus; one will feel urged to commentate on things they read about. One fellow practitioner read a WeChat message regarding a kindergarten teacher that beat her kids. The practitioner then became very angry, spurning her to comment on the post. But this fellow practitioner didn’t stop to think that nothing is accidental. If the kids were very kind to those teachers in their previous life, how could the teachers beat the kids in this life? So, we should behave differently as Dafa cultivators. One day, another fellow practitioner told me she had lost her luxury smart phone. She was very sad and she even called the police to report her loss. This practitioner later understood that she had been too much attached to WeChat on her phone. She was so carried away by WeChat that she even spent more time on WeChat than studying the Fa. Another fellow practitioner was on a business trip when for an unknown reason, her suitcase broke. The practitioner then started to look inwards and realized that she had grabbed many “red bags” from her friends on WeChat; those “red bags” in total were worth 200 Chinese Yuan. The practitioners’ suitcase was worth exactly200 Yuan, so the suitcase didn’t break for no reason. No loss, no gain.

Everything in the three realms is pulling you down so that you remain in the three realms. Everything in the human world is pulling you down as well so that you remain as a human being. Nothing but Dafa can help us improve and elevate. Only through Dafa can we cultivate and reach consummation in the end. We all know how fast time is flying nowadays; one day is seemingly gone in a blink of an eye. We don’t even have enough time to do the “three things”, so why are we wasting our times on useless stuff like WeChat?

In conclusion, playing with WeChat, watching a comic video, listening to a love song, etc., will make us happy momentarily, but we are consequently pulled down and dragged into the “sea of emotion”, causing our minds to become messy all day long. Your friend, schoolmate, and relative groups will keep you busy all the time. Every group is enclosing you from leaving humanness. You spend time grabbing “red bags” to seek small fortunes, and are so happy when you get some “red bags”. Yet in the end, you will still lose them, because no loss, no gain. You like to show off your posts and try to validate yourself among your friends. Have you forgotten what you are supposed to do?

The above is my personal shallow understanding. If there is anything inappropriate, I ask fellow practitioners to kindly make corrections.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/151423

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