Being with Master is Glory but Also Carries Responsibility

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | August 15, 2016

[PureInsight.rog]  I always feel warmth and glory when I recall the days I attended Master's Fa lectures. After reading the “Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference,” I suddenly realized being with Master could become incredibly prestigious in the universe only after we have finished the responsibility of saving sentient beings.

I have attended Master’s lectures twice: the Zhengzhou lectures in June of 1994 and the last Guangzhou lecture in December 1994. As the large-scale documentary "Telling the Future" said, Master never mentioned how hard it was to give lectures in China under such strict control and never worried about himself. To reduce disciples’ burden, Master compressed ten lessons into eight with the lowest tuition fee in China. To do so, Master held two classes in succession on Sunday afternoon and had class continuously in the evening. The first time, the lectures were 50 RMB; the second time, the lectures were half price with a student ID. This tuition fee is the lowest in China among all Qigong lectures and it is mainly to be used to rent the room and print the materials.

During the class, students paid little effort but obtained a lot. Whether it was physical or mental change, when they finished class, they knew what they would live for in the future. The first lecture day in Zhengzhou was to introduce Falun Gong. It was in an abandoned stadium without even a single fan. On such a hot day, Master had no complaints and just gave lectures smoothly. Out of consideration for disciples, Master let disciples leave first because it was so hot. However, disciples automatically paved a small path that only allowed Master to leave. When Master reached the gate, he did not leave but instead went to the second floor and waved disciples to leave first. I saw that a lot of disciples stayed at the gate of the stadium because Master was still there. After a while, Master came out and a staff member helped call a taxi. The driver was surprised to see Master sitting next to him with disciples standing outside, and he did not know what was going on. Later I understood that Master was meeting our wishes to see him. At that moment, everyone knew what to do. Nobody bothered Master, and no one disturbed traffic. There was even enough room for pedestrians to walk. From this experience, I was not surprised about the quiet and orderly protest of ten thousand people in Zhongnanhai in 1999. On the contrary, it was slander from Chinese Communist Party to label the peaceful and rational petition of Falun Gong practitioners as a siege on Zhongnanhai.

There were many more students at the Guangzhou lecture because it was the last lecture in China. I arrived in Guangzhou on the first day of class, but there were no tickets left. Just when I was feeling sad, I suddenly heard a student said that Master wanted us to get together at the front and go listen to the lecture. Then Master appeared at the ticketing location before class. I was so happy that I applauded, but I felt ashamed because other students all sat there quietly smiling. When I recall this now, I am still shamed. Then Master went back to the classroom. A disciple said that Master wanted everybody to attend the class, but the organizer did not agree for economic reasons. Master felt sorry and came to see us.

That evening, many disciples without admission sat in on the class from the side door. During the second lecture about the issue of the celestial eye, Master mentioned that students listening outside will not be left behind. I was so excited when I heard this because Master knew everything. Later, the organizer arranged a live broadcast in the Martial arts hall next door so that for students without admission could listen to Master’s lecture.

One Sunday afternoon, during break time after two continuous classes, I suddenly heard someone said, "Master is coming." We stood up quickly and surrounded Master. Master took a look at the television screen and said, “You are watching TV live broadcast.” At that moment, I felt speechless and could not even ask a question. A disciple from Xinjiang asked a few questions and got answers from Master. Master stood for a while and left. A staff member came to explain that Master wanted to see us and told him to pass the message.

In cultivation, I always feel warm when I am reminded of Master’s smile and voice. When I think that I have Master, nothing can stop me and I feel warm inside.

After graduating from University, new disciples always admired me because I was at Master’s lectures. I feel a mixture of pride and shame because I have not cultivated well. Every time when I read Master’s words in Zhuan Falun, “I think that whoever gets to hear me transmit the exercises and teachings in person, I’d say he’s really… later on you’ll know, and you’ll feel really glad about this period of time. Of course, we believe in karmic relationship, and everybody sits here because of their karmic relationships.” I am very moved and know that it was an honor.

After reading "Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference," I realized: not diligently cultivating in Dafa equals self-destruction. Being with Master is an honor, but it is also a great responsibility. To be a real disciple in Fa-rectification, we should be more diligent and do better to assist Master. I am writing this article to encourage myself to be more diligent in cultivation by never forgetting Master’s boundless mercy.

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