No Letting Go is Very Dangerous

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in Mainland China

PureInsight | September 20, 2016

[] A practitioner named Yun is a veteran Falun Dafa practitioner whom everyone from her area regarded as very diligent. However, due to being overly attached to her son’s marriage, she was persecuted by the old forces and was sentenced to a 4 year prison term. Before this, Master gave her three hints about her attachment, unfortunately Yun could not let go of her attachment and was subsequently persecuted.

Yun met a young female practitioner and thought that she would be a good match for her son. She tried many times to match make for the two, but the girl and her mother disagreed. Yun thought that as the parents of both families were cultivators, if the marriage were realized, the young couple could encourage each other - what would be wrong with that? Yun tried everything to bring about this marriage. Sometimes she would talk with the girl’s mother; sometimes she would invite the girl to a meal at her home and would buy gifts for the girl. When talking, she sometimes would refer to the girl as a family member. The girl knew what Yun was trying to achieve, so she didn’t contact Yun’s son nor would she go to Yun’s house anymore. Unfortunately, Yun just would not let go.

At this time, Yun had a dream revealing to her that the evil had had an eye on her… She also realized that this was a serious loophole and shared with other practitioners, “I should let go of my son’s marriage, Master has revealed to me in a dream that the evil is watching me.” Although she spoke like that, she still could not let go of her attachment, and after a short while she contacted the girl and her mother again, trying hard to convince them…

At that time, Yun had another dream. In the dream, an old practitioner who was attached to her son’s marriage was busy trying to match make the two. In the end the marriage wasn’t realized, the old practitioner died and her son was left alone… This revelation really moved Yun, she shared with other practitioners again, “I really need to let go of my son’s marriage, Master has revealed to me in another dream what would happen if I don’t let go of this attachment.” A practitioner told her, “Be quick to let it go, everyone has their fate, you study the Fa every day, how could you not understand this? If you hang on to this attachment, you will do harm not only to yourself, but also to your son.” Yun said, “Yes, yes.”

This time Yun really put down her heart and tried to persuade her son to let it go as well. But her son was low and said, “I am not interested in anyone except her.” To Yun, this was a big ordeal testing whether she could let go of sentiment towards her family. She should have shared with her son based on the Fa and they could have improved together. However, Yun did not look within but instead contacted the girl and her mother again. On seeing Yun like this, the girl felt that this is not a cultivator’s state and was very unhappy.

Yun then had the third dream - An old practitioner by her side was arrested by the police and sentenced to imprisonment because of her attachment to her child’s marriage. This time Yun was alerted and was afraid as well. She shared with other practitioners again, “I must let go of this attachment, and otherwise I will be persecuted.” From then on she didn’t mention her son’s marriage and never contacted the girl again.

Yun’s letting go wasn’t from improvement in cultivation, but was instead from being frightened by Master’s revelation. Though she didn’t mention the marriage issue anymore, she still could not let go of her son’s marriage deep in her heart, the essential substance was still there. This cannot be counted as cultivation. The old forces had a clear loophole with which to persecute Yun with - how could they overlook it? Shortly afterwards, Yun’s attachment, which had been temporarily suppressed, emerged again. This time the old forces used the opportunity to persecute Yun - she was kidnapped by the national security police and was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

After Yun was persecuted, some practitioners expressed regret for her and shared, “She did so much for Dafa, she shouldn’t have this result.” Others said, “The old forces don’t care how much you do; they measure you with the cultivation standard. Improving ones character is really too serious and cannot be done half heartedly.”

When writing to this point, I remembered that there were a few local practitioners like Yun. Some of them were really angry with their children as they had grown up but refused to look for jobs. Some children had not married, so practitioners would eagerly request everyone to help introduce a match; some practitioner’s children were addicted to computer games and their parents were mad about it and abused and rebuked their children. Alas, fellow practitioners, when you were anxious or puzzled by your children’s state, had you ever considered how to control your children’s fate when you can’t even control your own fate? Whether you are dead or alive, your children will walk on their own paths of life. From ancient times to the present, who can control others destinies? If we can let go of our attachments and cultivate to consummation, Master would give good arrangements to their destinies. If we cannot let go of these attachments, we are harming not only ourselves, but also our children.

I wrote down this with an intention to encourage fellow practitioners. I would sincerely request that practitioners point out anything inconsistent with the Fa.

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