The Fellow Practitioner’s Highlights Inspired Me to Cultivate Diligently

A Dafa Disciple in Hebei Province, China

PureInsight | June 15, 2017

[] Our Fa study group had ten practitioners including new and veteran disciples. We participated in different truth clarification projects. However, all disciples had different strengths that inspired my diligent cultivation. Here are just a few examples:

Fellow practitioner A was well off and offered a special room for us to do Fa study three times every week. He was exposed to the Fa ten years ago but paused practicing for a while. Compassionate Master let fellow practitioners help him return. He has been a very devout practitioner in my mind and always practiced diligently. Last May was the beginning of suing Jiang Zemin. He told me to prepare early and sue Jiang Zemin together. I was very hesitant at the time because of the attachment to fear even though I knew it was the right step in cultivation. His cultivation status really shocked me because he just restarted practicing for three months. The next day, we went to mail the joint indictment together. After that, I looked inwards and realized my indictment submission was inspired by his righteous thoughts. In believing Master and Fa, I had a big gap from fellow practitioners. It always encouraged me to cultivate firmly.

Fellow practitioner B is fellow practitioner A’s mother-in-law. I truly respected fellow practitioner B’s kindness from the Fa. It was only three years ago when she first thought the Fa was good and later began studying the Fa. She now clarifies the truth every day on the street. Every day, she helps at least three to five people quit the CCP. Sometimes ten people withdraw from the CCP after she clarifies the truth to them. She has saved at least a thousand people.

She said while sharing: "Sometimes I feel extremely grieved when I see people preoccupied with their lives unaware of the big impending crisis. Isn’t it our fault for not saving sentient beings? Fellow practitioners, we should hurry and save sentient beings. It will be the biggest regret for Dafa disciples if beings are not saved.” Since she needed to take care of her three-year-old grandson, she had to squeeze time to do Fa study, morning exercises, send forth righteous thoughts, and truth clarification. As a result, she only slept four hours every day. It was a true practitioner’s status to continue doing this every day.

Compared to the fellow practitioners, I felt deeply ashamed because even though I passed the test in the most evil environment, I forgot my mission due to the attachments to fear, comfort, not wanting to trouble my children, and not losing this comfortable environment. How could I be a veteran disciple!

Fellow practitioner C obtained the Fa in 1996. After a serious persecution, he lost his job and his wife. In my mind, his heart was always filled with Dafa, the whole body, and saving beings. Last year, he realized the indictment against Jiang Zemin was a must for Dafa disciples. He did it very early and helped other practitioners do it as well. He pushed the whole region to catch up with Master’s Fa-rectification process. He always kindly helped other practitioners improve without the attachment to offending them. I was always afraid of offending others. He helped me a lot.

Fellow practitioners D and E were a couple. They did projects to save beings day and night. Sometime, they did not even have time to sleep. Practitioner E paid special attention to cultivating her own thoughts. Anything words, situations, or even expressions between practitioners would remind her to look inward to find and eliminate attachments. She also reminded others kindly. I could always think of self-cultivation whenever I saw her. Practitioner D was self-employed after losing jobs during the persecution. Practitioner E devoted herself to Dafa projects. I respected their diligent cultivation.

Compared to them, I was so ashamed. I could not look inward when I had conflicts and felt regretful afterwards. I missed opportunities to improve one after the next. Master said in Hong YinSolid Cultivation,

“Study Fa, obtain Fa,
Compare in studying, compare in cultivating,
Examine each and every deed,
Accomplishing is cultivating. ”

After these years of cultivation, I found I was not solidly cultivating but was instead on the surface. Wasn’t that fake cultivation?

I have cultivated twenty years with many detours along the way. However, I still have lots of human notions, attachments, and thoughts. In recent years, I did not cultivate diligently. Three years ago, Master arranged me into a diligent environment to save me. Master said in Essentials for Further AdvancementEnvironment, “The lofty conduct that Dafa disciples have established in this environment--including every word and every deed--can make people recognize their own weaknesses and identify their shortcomings; it can move their hearts, refine their conduct, and enable them to make progress more rapidly. Therefore, new students or self-taught disciples have to go to the practice sites to do the exercises.” I had a deeper understanding of this Fa and cherished the environment even more.

Recently due to my poor cultivation, my inferiority complex was particularly serious. I broke through it under Master’s compassion and practitioners’ kind help. Thanks Master; thanks fellow practitioners. I will cultivate myself more diligently by doing the three things better.

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