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Jing Lian

PureInsight | May 2, 2022


Greetings Master!
Greetings fellow practitioners!

I am a veteran disciple who started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. I am 56 years old this year. When I was a child, I liked to watch acrobatic performances, and I imitated them when I got home. I used to stretch my legs, so I could meditate in the full lotus position for an hour soon after I started practicing. At that time when I was meditating at the head of the bed, my husband would watch the TV at the other end of the bed. Although he would turn up the TV's volume very loudly, but once I meditated, I couldn't hear the sound of the TV, as if it was blocked by something. In the second year of cultivation, I could hold the wheel for the second exercise for an hour. At that time, there was a basketball court next to our practice site, but I still couldn't hear the sound of guys playing basketball when I held the wheel, it felt like I was separated from the noise.

My celestial eye was opened when I was a child. The things I couldn’t find during the day would often appear in my dreams. And the next day I could find them back by following what I saw in my dreams. After the age of 12, this supernormal ability of mine disappeared. When I was 30 years old and had just started practicing again, Master helped me to open my celestial eye again. I saw the mechanism, the big Falun, the Tai-Chi fish and so on, that Master had given me. After cultivating for not too long, I developed gong. My hands carried electricity. This state lasted for more than a month, then it gradually disappeared. Moreover, the ability of knowing fate gradually developed as well. I dreamed of many reincarnations one after another, which showed me how I had cultivated in several lifetimes. I have reincarnated as both monks and nuns. Once I dreamed of meditating and someone was fighting beside me. I felt empty in my heart, so I shouted: Wukong! Wukong! After shouting twice, Sun Wukong fell from the sky and landed beside me twice. I also discovered that the people around me in this life are all my previous lives fathers, mothers, and husbands.

On July 20, 1999, in order to clarify the truth about Dafa, I went to the provincial government with other practitioners. When I got there, the police took me to the police station, where they recorded all my personal information. Since then, every holiday I was harassed by evil people. In 2004, my ID card was reissued and the ID number was changed. At that time, my comprehension was not good, and only later did I realize that it was Master who had used this way to hide me. Since then, the evil people never harassed me again.

Once I couldn't pass a xinxing test, I felt it was too hard, and I didn’t want to study the Fa or practice the exercises. I went to bed early at night. The next day, I went to bed early again, and just after falling asleep, my main consciousness started to cry. My main consciousness is a little girl in her teens. She had been crying non-stop. The reason she kept crying was that she really misses Master. When my main consciousness was crying, my physical body also shed tears. I slept all night and she cried all night. When I woke up in the morning, the pillow was wet with tears, and there were tears behind my ears. After getting up, I couldn't stop sobbing. Once the main consciousness was crying, I didn’t dare slack off, so I hurriedly studied the Fa and did the exercises, and did whatever I should do.

When I was a child, I didn't like my name, so I looked through the dictionary all day long to come up with a name for myself. Because of that, it is quick and easy for me to give people a pseudonym name for them to quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) when I clarify the truth. There is a salesperson whose surname is Wen, so I named him Wennuan, (meaning warm in English). The boy who repairs shoes in the yard, whose surname is Yuan, I named Yuan Shuai (Marshal in English). An accountant's surname is Yue, so I gave him the name Yue Hao (Better in English). My male neighbor’s surname is Lu, so I named him Lu Tongtian (Heavenly Road in English). He repeatedly marveled at how good the name was. When I was working at a large wholesale market, I came to know a shop owner, who I've been acquainted with now for over 20 years. Once I went in and told her that quitting the CCP can keep her safe. She immediately agreed to quit. She said that I used to be in poor health, but now I am full of energy. She said that since Xi Jinping came to power, he hadn't done anything good for business owners. She called all six salespersons to the store, and asked me to give them pseudonyms to help them quit the CCP as well. Some put their pseudonyms on the desk calendar. In addition to the boss's family of four, a total of ten people quit. This was all arranged by Master, so it was smooth for me to do.

I am also in business, and my store was in a shopping mall. I helped all merchants at the same level as me in that shopping mall to quit the CCP. Whenever there were new employees in a store, I'd go find them and clarify the truth. Most of them quit, only a few didn't.

There are two clerks in my store, one is 26 and one is in her 30s. Both women are pretty, smart, and kind. As long as someone comes to my store, the younger one would push towards me the book that I used to record the list of people who quit the CCP. I clarify the truth to all the people I know, those who run their own businesses, who do deliveries, and my own customers as well. It's busy, with many people coming and going. The lady in her 30s supports Dafa very much, and she also has a copy of Zhuan Falun. Her father-in-law doesn't let her practice. She felt her Dafa book isn't safe at home, so she often carries the book in her bag. When the younger lady's husband came to visit her once, I helped him to quit the CCP. The lady in her 30s also wanted her husband to quit the CCP, but I said that we cannot make the decision on his behalf, he needs to agree himself. She told me to just do it, she would go back to talk to him. Then she went home and told her husband that Sister Wang (me), helped him to quit the CCP. Her husband said, "Then I will just quit." When the business was not busy, I would go to other shops on other floors to clarify the truth.

There were also some who did not quit the CCP. There was one young female salesperson working for another company who, when she came to my store, would not believe me no matter how I clarified the truth to her. When I told her to quit the CCP, she made an excuse that she would quit together with her boyfriend, who's in the armed police, when he comes back to see her. She also told me that the armed police force's training is outrageous. The instructor would pick out a random soldier and point at the white wall, and then would ask the soldier what color it is. If you say "white," you will be slapped; if you say "black," you will not be beaten. This is not surprising to me, no wonder people say the CCP's principles are all about being "fake, evil, and fighting."

There was one person who I had spent two years in order to help her quit the CCP. She is a long-term customer who is an elderly lady, she believes in Buddhism. She is a retired secondary school teacher. When she was young, her family background was not qualified to join the CCP, but she wore the red communist scarf when she was a child. Her Communist Party culture way of thinking is particularly strong and she had been defending the CCP. She originally intended to convert me into Buddhism, but when I told her of my beliefs, she scolded me angrily.

I wasn't angry at all and looked at her with a smile. She had bought goods from me for more than 10 years, and every time she visited me, I told her some things to dissolve her Communist Party culture way of thinking bit by bit. But she was very stubborn. My non-cultivator husband interjected: "The purpose of the Communist Party is to 'serve the people wholeheartedly,' but now all the money is grafted by greedy officials." She immediately agreed and said, "Yes, yes." I said, "Auntie, how about withdraw from the Young Pioneers first?" She said that a few days ago, when she went to Beijing, she received a call asking her to quit the CCP organization. I asked her if she had quit. She said she didn't. I told her I could help her quit, so she finally agreed. “Then I will quit,” she said readily, after two years. Of course, that phone call she received played an important role to help her quit the CCP.

There was also a male boss who always refused to listen when I clarified the truth to him, and he was a little scared. Fortunately, his university classmate is also a practitioner. That practitioner often came to chat with him. In fact, to clarify the truth to him. Every time the boss's classmates came to see him, he would tell me. His attitude got better and better, and his mood improved.

I started doing business with my husband in the big city where I am now when I was 26, and now I am in my 50s. It's harder and harder to run a business nowadays. In 2015, Master enlightened me in a dream that our market was going to be demolished. In order to get my attention, Master let me have the same dream three times. After that, I put on a clearance sale, and did less restock. During that period, there was a backlog of hundreds of small commodities that could not be sold. I just wanted to sell these goods. Master soon arranged two customers to come to my store, each of them bought the remainder goods, and all those goods were sold out. Master helped me again. Three years later, around April 2018, the market really announced that it was going to be demolished, and merchants had to start making new plans.

When I left the market, the goods were basically out of stock. On the day I left the market, the male boss came to my store after chatting with his classmates. I asked him what his classmates had talked to him about. He said that it was still the same topic. I said, “Look at how good your classmates are. They don’t seek fame, profit, or anything. They have been persecuted many times for their beliefs and lost their official positions.” He said, “The Communist Party has done a lot of bad things.” I asked him, "Have you quit the CCP?" He said no. I said, “I don't do business anymore, and there will be fewer opportunities to meet you in the future. I'll help you to quit.” He finally agreed to quit, and his whole family of three quit too. I went to visit him again a few days before writing this article. He and his wife had the wish to cultivate, so I gave them a copy of Zhuan Falun.

The above two cases made me deeply realize the importance of Dafa disciples' one body. We are closely linked to each other for the same goal of saving people. Don't be afraid that people will not quit the CCP after you clarify the truth to them.

Maybe after another practitioner clarifies the truth to them again, they will finally quit the CCP. Just do well from your heart. Because I always clarify the truth during the day, at night time I still clarify the truth in my dreams. Once I clarified the truth to a woman in a dream and asked her what her name was. She said her name was "Du Ye." A year later, a young female boss came to my store. Her store was on another floor and we had never met. I clarified the truth to her, and she said she was planning to leave that site. She hoped she could develop her business well in another city after she quit the CCP. I encouraged her by saying, definitely. When I asked what her surname was, she said Du. I said, “You must be Du Ye.” She asked, “How do you know my name is Du Ye?” This actually matched my dream from a year ago. These things are really magical, and are really wonderful. In order to let people know the truth as soon as possible and be saved, every time I receive more truth-clarification cards, I try to hand them out as soon as possible. I walk very slowly when I hand out the cards, but when I get home I always find that I only used a short amount of time. Handing out 60 cards takes me an hour, 80 cards takes me an hour and a half, and 100 cards takes me two hours. I go out to hand out cards during the day, and I even hand out cards in my dreams when I sleep. In my dreams, I fly over the high courtyard walls like an angel, float up to people's windows, place the card on the inner window sill, and fly out.

Although I was in business, I didn't waste time when I had free time. I took the time to carefully hand copy Zhuan Falun four times, and I have memorized the book four times. I hand copied all five "Hong Yin" books several times, and I don't know how many times I have memorized them. Last year, I systematically recited the three books of The Essentials of Diligent Progress. I practice the exercises for four and a half hours each day. I go to bed early in the evening and send forth righteous thoughts at midnight. Then I will do all five exercise in succession. The energy is very strong when I exercise. The energy rushing up from the dantian during meditation makes my stomach vibrate greatly. I can't help but open my mouth and groan. Sometimes when I am asleep, the energy quickly passes from right to left in the upper part of the abdominal cavity, and there is a lot of movement. It feels like something is rumbling and quickly running. After I wake up, I instinctively grab it with my hands, but I can't catch anything.

Everything I have is given by Master, and human words cannot even describe my gratitude to Master. Only by cultivating myself well and saving more people do I feel worthy of Master's compassion and suffering.

Thank you, Master.
Thank you, practitioners.

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