Why Study So Much?

A California Practitioner

PureInsight | June 16, 2003

A fellow cultivator told me the other day that she had just gotten a new understanding about why Master wants us to study so much. She had been thinking of the point that our first thought determines the outcome of a situation and she realized that if we study a lot we will automatically think first from the Fa's perspective and that will lead to a righteous outcome.

Before this conversation, I had wondered how I could keep myself on the right track, so that, when a tribulation all of a sudden caught me by surprise, I wouldn't respond out of habit and do something stupid from my old beliefs, following the old forces' arrangements. Now I know. By studying the Fa very diligently, I will have the words and the great Beings behind the words deep in my heart. I won't even have to think of how to come from the Fa I will have It within me naturally and It will come out as my first thought.

I am so deeply grateful for Master's teaching me these most precious Truths.

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