Unmasking Halloween

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | October 22, 2001

On Clearwisdom.net there was an article written by Shanshan entitled, “What Shanshan saw in other dimensions 3.” He said, “Last month, our school gave permission to wear funny red-nosed outfits on Red Nose Day. Just the day before, all the red noses were sold out at the supermarkets; almost every child wore one at school. My sister and I didn’t wear one, though. We simply wore our school uniforms. It was because I saw that two strange looking creatures from outer space ran the show on Red Nose Day. These creatures had no skulls, just lumps of jelly-like brain tissue; their eyes sunk deep into the protoplasm. Their faces were also half-black and half-red, and they dressed in black. They came up with the red nose outfit because humans like to wear them. From a flying saucer, the two creatures gave commands, directing a huge mass of their people to possess the human bodies. The activities on April Fool’s Day were of a similar nature, though they were controlled by a different group of people with a different physical appearance. But the intention was the same: to take control by possessing human bodies.”

Halloween is by far the filthiest time of year--a time when all kinds of low-level spirits, demons, and monsters come out. Around Halloween, the surface culture immediately changes. Not only on that day, but for the weeks leading up to that day, our society transforms itself: movies are played on television depicting violence and horror; people decorate their houses with filthy things such as bats, spiders, skulls, and all of those things. On T.V. they had a large Halloween celebration with a man walking in a body suit completely in the shape of a hideous demon. When the T.V. crew asked him what it was, he replied, “I don’t know, some kind of demon.” This indicates that his Main Consciousness was not clear. What gave him his inspiration and what guided him when he was crafting this demon's skin?

The concept for Halloween comes from European history. The general idea is that, at this point in the yearly cycle, the Barrier between our world and the spirit world grows very thin. Thus, many beings cross over, culminating in the celebration on this night. During this period, practitioners should be diligent and steer their families away from this celebration; or they should eliminate the evil beings that are trying to possess human bodies. The future mankind should not have this celebration and should not revel with such low-level spirits.

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