The Surface Dimension: Its Principles and Elevation Beyond Them

A Practitioner from Thailand

PureInsight | October 29, 2001

“Yet every planet also has its other dimensions—numerous dimensions formed by particles of different sizes. Yet the surface dimension that is composed of the largest particles is its shell, or its outermost surface.” “There exists another kind of dimension, which, just like the one we humans live in today, is completely different from those where Gods are” (from “Lectures in the United States”). The surface dimensions of all planets are similar to all the other dimensions in the sense that they are all enormous and complex. From the most macroscopic to the most microscopic level, surface dimensions are similar, because they are formed by their weakest and roughest particles.

Humans live in surface dimensions. Although different human races may have different shapes and different appearances, all humans are formed in the same way by surface particles. Even though their bodies may be formed by particles as big as planets, they’re still considered humans. The spaceships of certain alien races can go further and higher than those of human beings on earth, but they’re still flying within surface dimensions.

Sunrise and moonset, as well as aging and illnesses, are the expressions of time at the surface dimension.

The laws of the surface dimension are the expression of the lowest laws at every level of the cosmos.

The surface world made up of the biggest molecules within the Three Realms is the space where we humans living on earth exist. It is at the center and is the lowest level of the surface dimension.

The lowest level laws are formed to protect desires and emotions (sentimentality) and are the laws of humans. As an everyday person living in everyday people’s society, one must assimilate with society’s rules such as to work diligently and live with a kind heart. These are rules conforming to human beings and their sentimentality.

“Sentimentality” is low-level material, so it manifests as many different attachments. It can create a self-centered person. Therefore, this person will constantly look out for personal gain, resulting in accumulation of karma during ones life. If a practitioner cannot break away from desires and emotions, then that practitioner is an everyday person.

The law of humans is not the true law. When we Dafa disciples tell the truth and help everyday people see the truth during this Fa-rectification cultivation period, we’re being asked to let go of our sense of self. A heart full of compassionate will shine with truth and demonstrate the power of truth to everyone around him.

The kindness that everyday people discuss isn’t true kindness. We sometimes feel like “this is good for him” or “that may hurt others” and so forth, which can appear to be kindness. However, this is all linked to sentimentality. If practitioners see other practitioners’ problems but don’t point them out with a pure heart, then they’re not using righteous thoughts with a righteous mind, which means they haven’t manifested the kindness of a cultivator.

Different spaces have different laws; different levels have different guidelines. “If there is no such high level Fa to guide you, you will not know how to cultivate at the high level, you will not know the implied meaning of the Fa at that level, and you can not move up. Then you must read this book. In the mean time, your realms will get improved, your mentality and thought will reach a higher standard” (“Lecture in New Zealand”). The higher the level, the closer it gets to the universal law. The purpose of cultivation for Dafa practitioners is to reach for higher levels and become enlightened to principles at higher levels. Even though many practitioners outside China are currently shouldering many Dafa responsibilities that are bringing positive results during this Fa rectification period, we must repeatedly study Fa. That is the only way for us to break through all barriers formed from hundreds and thousand of years of human laws. Only then will we be able to detach ourselves from the particles that form this surface dimension. Only then can we truly elevate within the Fa and transform from a human to an immortal.
From the teachings of the Fa, we know that throughout the course of the long history of the cosmos, various different kinds of beings have continually emerged and then disappeared. Starting from the day they were first created, all beings have been placed in the cycle of “formation, settlement and degeneration.” The existence of each being is constrained by time (even the relative “no degeneration and no disappearing” is just another manifestation of the existence of time). Today, after this cycle of the cosmos has reached its end and changes are imminent, after “times” at different levels have deviated from the original characteristics of the cosmos, the Lord of the Buddha’s has decided to use the form of Fa-rectification (as opposed to dissolving and recreation) in order to save all sentient beings in the entire cosmos and let them return to their original best states. It is something that has never occurred before in the course of the cosmos. It is the great benevolence of the Lord of the Buddhas, and the kind of predestined relationship we can never encounter again in tens of thousands of years. The disruption and interference of the old forces can only make us more determined in standing together with Teacher and the Fa. The tens of millions of Dafa particles that have been re-created during the Fa-rectification period will produce magnificence at their own positions. They will naturally use their beliefs to safeguard the foundation of the cosmos all throughout the perpetuity of their lives.

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