Keeping a Righteous Mind, Articles Come from Heaven

A Dafa Disciple in Russia

PureInsight | October 29, 2001

Recently I have decided to start writing more articles. I’ve been getting up two hours early every day so I can write in tranquility. I try to finish an article and send it out before it is time for me to go to work. In the successive several days, I submitted articles every day and each one was published. As I am aware that all of these articles would exert their power in other dimensions like bombs, my heart is inspired deeply.

I had a dream one night. There was a voice asking me in my dream, 'Have you been writing recently?' I answered, 'Yes, I do it every day.' I started to list the titles of articles that I had written and described the contents in each article. The voice listened silently for a while and then said, 'What you have done are far from enough.” While that voice was speaking, a god appeared from white light and held a big golden scroll of paper in his hand. Swish! The scroll opened and hung in midair. I looked at it carefully. It actually listed the titles of articles. The ones at the top were the ones that I have written and published. I even could see that the contents were the same. The words listing my published articles were glimmering and sending out the golden light. The titles of more than 100 articles were also listed. Upon careful examination, I found there were also contents listed for each unwritten article, but I could not see them clearly. The words were golden but did not glimmer. My big signature, the same one I often use in my work, was at the end of the list. Some of the titles of the articles were very broad and profound and could not even be understood by my current level and ability. Further more, I did not even understand the titles of some of the articles. Just at the moment when I was surprised by this fact, the scene disappeared and I woke up from the dream.

I realized that I have recently been encouraged, by many different sources, to write articles. Even some Dafa disciples in other countries, whom I do not know at all, wrote to me and invited me to write articles. In fact, they did not even know if I could write. I was also shown that those articles already exist. Our so-called writing process is simply a process of reappearance. It provides disciples an opportunity to break their human shell in the maze, eliminate karma, heighten one’s level, and step forward towards completion in cultivation. It is an arrangement, a duty, and a mission that I need to fulfill. The content of the contract that each practitioner signed is different from the others. Writing articles is a road suitable for my own life characteristics.

I remember the previous times when I brought my human attachments to the writing. According to my human habits, I proposed the titles, blocked out outlines, selected materials and organized the structures for finishing writing. I made much effort, but the articles were not suitable for practitioners to read. Now, I adjust my mind to write in terms of the standard for practitioners. When I work in front of a computer, my mind is empty except for the one thought to write. Soon, thoughts come forth and become more and more abundant. I then type quickly, tracing those words emerging in my brain without stopping. Finally, I read-through the whole article and give it a title. The article is thereby completed! The article entitled “For righteous thought without omission, studying Fa is the most important,” published on the PureInsight website, was completed like this. I feel that writing, as when doing other things, requires that we break human opinions and attachments firstly using the principles of Fa and purifying our hearts while sending out righteous thoughts. We should then relax our brains completely with peaceful minds, to allow them to release the righteous insights stored deep in our hearts, and then obtain our historic masterpieces which were done long time ago. If we write with attachments, not only are our brains easily restrained, but also the written articles have unmanageable reactions with everyday people.

After having the above experience, I do not worry about the number, profundity and difficulty of articles shown in my dream. Gods are omnipotent, as are the Fa-rectification disciples. The key is whether we can break our human opinions and reach the god’s level. If we keep righteous minds, articles would come from heaven, naturally.

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