The Past, the Future and the New Mankind

Xinyu Wang

PureInsight | October 29, 2001

In the view of the cosmos, modern human bodies are most convenient and the conditions they provide are very complete for cultivation. So, alien beings take a fancy to the human body.

People can begin cultivation if they want to cultivate themselves. How convenient it is! However, if alien beings want to cultivate, they must match a man with a woman and do double cultivation of a man and a woman. Because a man's body is Yang and a woman's one is Yin, only double cultivation of a man and a woman will work. But, at this time, our bodies themselves have both Yin and Yang. In the ancient times the human beings on the earth were what are now the alien beings. Their only cultivation method was double cultivation of a man and a woman. At present, one of the cultivation methods in Tibet is like theirs. Since they had reached that level over the entire history of their lives, they could only cultivate using that method. In comparison, it is more convenient for the present human beings to do cultivation - it is even enough to just chant the name of Buddha. However, the alien beings must cooperate with each other. When they reach the mid point of cultivation, one cannot continue cultivation if the other does not want to. Of course, all of this is from the morality of these beings as a whole. In fact, the morality of the present alien beings is lower than that of the human beings who are now on the earth. None of the alien beings will exist in the future. All of them will be destroyed. Some good alien beings were going to be reincarnated into other lives according to the old plan, but now, there will none left.

Future human beings will have a nicer and more convenient body than the current humans do.

Whether as a the whole or down to a particle of Fa-rectification, Dafa does not yield to any pressures and fears no evil. Just like a giant covered by dust, when he stands up suddenly and gives his body a shake, everything will be under his feet.

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