Write Down Righteous Views in Our Field

A North American Dafa Practiti

PureInsight | October 29, 2001

I have been working in modern science for many years and feel duty-bound to point out its shortcomings. I want to help people stop being deceived by the fabrications of modern science and leave a real scientific road for the future. Whenever I picked up my pen, however, I found that it was not as easy as I thought. Nonetheless, I would like to share my personal experience with other practitioners.

It has been said that the more you study science, the more questions you will have. I agree. When I began to write a scientific article for Zhengjian for the first time, I spent a lot of time searching and studying all the related articles. It was just as if I were writing an academic paper. But after all this work, I was more confused. I was filled with scientific knowledge, but forgot what I wanted to write. My brain seemed to be blocked, and I was just not able to write it down. Finally, the article I wrote with tremendous effort was at the level of everyday people. What I did was just present some new scientific findings, without expressing a profound understanding of the Fa. Although I had my own opinions, and knew what was right and wrong, I didn’t know how to write a profound and meaningful article. Sometimes, when I had an idea, I would think about it for a long time, and collect a fair amount of related material. However, I just couldn’t begin to write. I felt that the writing was hard. I did other things first, and it was soon late in the day. So I postponed it day after day.

One day, while I was walking down the street, I began to blame myself. Why couldn’t I express righteous views in my scientific field? This situation was not right. Something had to be obstructing or interfering with me. All Dafa practitioners have wisdom. How could I be controlled by it? As soon as I had this thought, an outline of an article appeared in my mind that broke through the crust of modern science. It was so clear, and I wrote it out very quickly. I didn’t have to search the literature. What I wrote was within my specialty. I looked down at the situation from a higher point of view. Everything was so clear. After I had this experience, I was no longer afraid of writing, and it was not that difficult. We have learned a lot from Dafa, and know a lot of truth. Why aren’t we able to express ourselves? Some practitioners said that if you realize something and want to write about it, but are unable to do so, you should send forth righteous thoughts to break through this interference. If you were supposed to do this, and couldn’t do it well, you might cause some loss for Dafa.

In the “Lecture on the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Conference” Teacher said, “Many disciples are highly educated, and the vast majority of the disciples outside China have advanced degrees. Why is this the case? It's precisely to have you put to full use at this crucial time what you've learned among everyday people and are good at, to have you validate the Fa using the everyday people's skills Dafa created for people in this world.” We should try our best to be responsible disciples during this Fa-rectification period, and follow the road Master has arranged for us. We shouldn’t be confined by practical knowledge. We should break through all of the interference, and create the future for human beings with the wisdom Dafa bestows.

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