A Letter to Sentimentality

PureInsight | October 29, 2001

Dear Sentimentality,

At first, I want to thank you for the necessary activity of maintaining the stability of the three realms and the morality of the human world throughout history. To put it in human terms, you were not contaminated by fame and profit. You were a hero behind the scenes and preferred not being well known, which shows your xinxing to be that of a God.

But you might have noticed that as time goes by, more and more beings have deviated from the characteristics of the universe, making everything else impure. It is even true, for example, that you were never a pure god in people’s minds. When people think of you, they do not have harmonious family relationships, a beautiful and pure love, or an open friendship in mind; instead, they choose the dirty sex and lust derived from you. Some people even put sex and lust in your place and live just for these. Even homosexuality is legally permissible in some countries. Certainly, this is not all your fault. But unfortunately, you have added fuel to the fire.

In fact, as a god, you know exactly how horrible it is to be like this. Human beings cannot become human beings just by having human bodies. When God created human beings, he told you to construct the morality and ethics human beings should live by. When human beings lack the morality they should possess, destruction awaits them. But if, as a god, you had also deviated from the characteristics you should possess, what would be your fate?

In this moment of crisis, the Lord of Buddhas spreads the Fa and offers salvation in order to save all beings . The Fa rectifies the cosmos. With the Buddhas infinite benevolence, the kind of benevolence that has not been seen before, many high level beings and the reincarnated kings of different paradises assist the Teacher to rotate the Falun.

During the great unprecedented historic period of Fa rectification in the cosmos, Dafa disciples give up everything to help Teacher in saving the world’s people. They have built up their great and eternal mighty virtue during this time. Those worldly people who have been made aware also have built themselves a good foundation for obtaining the Fa in the future. Numerous beings in the colossal firmament have also secured their positions because of their righteous thoughts about Dafa. Now, Sentimentality, think about what you are doing.

This tribulation has been arranged by the old evil forces to “examine Dafa and its disciples in detail, putting them through a comprehensive and thorough test that targets all human intentions and attachments” (“Toward Consummation”). Why did you act as an accomplice, aiding an insidious force to do evil? Sentimentality, as well as birth, aging, sickness, and death all exist to maintain the characteristics of the universe. But now, you and all that you represent have deviated far from the characteristics of the universe, and the old evil forces have used your corrupt characteristics to wantonly damage Dafa disciples and worldly human beings.

I believe that because of temporary lapses of judgement on your part, you have interfered with some Dafa disciples in the process of their rectifying the Fa as the battle between the righteousness and the evil rages on. During the Fa rectification, all of the beings of the universe will consummate their future with one single thought toward Dafa. You are an especially important god in the Three Realms. You have created severe tribulations for Dafa and its disciples, which are being used by the old evil forces. You have done what the evil could not do. However, what I want to tell you is that the Fa rectification is not finished yet. So, one thought you have now is still effective. I believe that you, as well as those beings that have been deceived, still have kind thoughts. Helping a force to do evil is absolutely not your nature. Wake up quickly and compensate doubly, along with your fellow gods. Think carefully of your future.

Also, do you know that you have heard little about Fa principles of higher levels because of the limits of your level? In fact, you are only a god of the Three Realms. There are beings on different levels. In the colossal firmament, your status is really not as high as you think, whereas Dafa disciples have come from very high levels to assist Teacher to rectify the Fa, according to the mission of the cosmos. In the not too distant future, when Dafa disciples reach consummation, you will be nothing in comparison to the righteous thoughts of Fa rectification disciples.

Sentimentality is a necessary element in maintaining human society and a manifestation of the Fa at the human level. It would not be good for human beings to be without sentimentality, for they would be horrible. There will always be sentimentality to maintain human life, but it will be the sentimentality that obeys the Fa without deviating from it. Whether to assimilate to the universal Dafa and “Zhen-Shan-Ren” or not is the choice for you. You should also make a choice about how to treat the universal Dafa, Fa rectification and Dafa disciples. It is not a small thing to interfere with the fundamental universal Dafa that has created everything, including you and me. The rectification of the Fa also provides a chance for you. Think carefully.

After reading this letter, please pass it on to your friends, other Gods in the three realms.

Yours sincerely,

Qinqyue, a Dafa disciple from Mainland China

3rd Oct, 2001

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